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Major Upgrade to Providers and Locations webpages

Legacy Health continuously strives to improve the patient and provider experience, which now more than ever begins digitally from a cell phone or computer. Each year, we see millions of pageviews of the find a provider and locations sections of LegacyHealth.org. In line with this, and based on feedback from our patients and staff, we will launch a major upgrade to both of these sections on January 29, 2021.


 What you can do now

If you currently have a profile on our website, it will still be there after the upgrade, but it will look a little different.  


What’s new in the upgrade? 


One simplified entry point

  •  The simplified entry point combines providers and locations into one search interface and database, improving accuracy for patients and efficiency for providers or staff who update their information.

  • Patients will no longer need to hunt across multiple pages to find the information they’re looking for, but instead can search through one easy-to-use tool.

A modernized user experience with updated design and functionalities 

  • Advanced filtering will allow patients or staff to search by parameters like specialty, LHP, gender & more.
  • The updated design is easier to navigate in mobile. Important information is easier to find with calls to action (like scheduling) emphasized.
  • Results will now display based on what is closest to each user’s geographic location.
  • Images are integrated throughout to unify the digital and in-person experiences. 


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