Interpreter Services

Free help in 200 languages.

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Interpreter Services

Español (Spanish): Servicio de intérpretes médicos 

We want to make sure patients understand what the doctors, nurses and other health care staff tell them. We also want to make sure we understand what patients tell us.

To help, Legacy Health offers interpreters in about 200 languages. Interpreters help patients and support people talk with health care staff in their language.   

  • The service is free.   
  • You can ask for an interpreter anytime, day or night.   
  • Interpreters can work in person, by phone or through video.

How to contact us

To ask for an interpreter, please tell us when you schedule a visit or as soon as you arrive.  
Phone: 503-413-3104, Monday–Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.   

We don’t allow family or friends to interpret for patients, except in rare cases. Sometimes, patients and families want a specific interpreter. We try, but cannot promise, to honor those requests.