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COVID-19 Vaccine Update

We were thrilled to extend an invite to all patient facing LHP members last week. With your help we completed 1,400 vaccinations at our two large vaccine clinics last Saturday and Sunday alone, and have extended invites to more than 30,000 health care workers to date. We are working with the Oregon Health Authority and regional public health officials to refine our invitations and processes and to ensure that Legacy can safely vaccinate as many health care workers as quickly and equitably as possible.   
We have other big plans on the horizon as Legacy will join the region’s three other health systems, OHSU, Kaiser and Providence, to open a large regional vaccination center at the Oregon Convention Center as soon as next week. The jointly operated center is essential to speed up Oregon’s vaccinations for older people, essential workers and, eventually, all Oregonians. It will also allow health systems to help support Gov. Kate Brown’s goals to begin vaccinating teachers and people older than 65 years starting Jan. 23. Legacy will phase out our own super clinics later this month to focus our resources on helping make the joint center successful. The change will not impact the timing of vaccinations for Legacy Health Partners. We will share additional information early next week about what you can expect as well as new details to help those who have not already scheduled appointments.

If you are due for a second dose vaccination over the next five days, and have not already scheduled your appointment, please use your MyHealth account to do so. You may contact LegacyHealthPartners@lhs.org if you don't see a way to schedule your second dose appointment in MyHealth. 


Welcome New Board and Committee Members

Jenny Robinson, Executive Director, Legacy Health Partners 

LHP’s board and committees will be getting an infusion of new talent and expertise in 2021 as ten new members join the governance structure. The LHP leadership team also wishes to express our gratitude to all who committed time and shared their experience and knowledge through their service as LHP Board and committee members in 2020. We thank you all and acknowledge those members below who departed from the LHP governance structure at the end of last year. We hope you will continue to make your voices heard through interactions with your field operations advisers, participation in network collaboration events and engagement with other LHP channels. 

New Members   Departing Members

Board of Managers

Jon Hersen
Janis Howatt, M.D.
Steven Mansberger, M.D., MPH
Matt Smith, M.D.


Board of Managers

Sajal Dutta, M.D.
Mal McAninch, M.D.
Gretchen Nichols

Finance & Contracting Committee

Erika Copperman, M.D.
Erich Vorlop, M.D.


Finance & Contracting Committee

Blayne Standage, M.D.


Clinical Collaboration and Performance Improvement Committee 

Jose Gutierrez, M.D.
Lane Hickey
Saad Jazrawi, M.D.
Jill Shaw, D.O.


Clinical Collaboration and Performance Improvement Committee

Ann Hulett
Charles Wood, M.D.


Quality Corner: 2020 LHP Quality Award Winners

LHP is pleased to recognize Family Medical Group NE (FMGNE) as the winner of the 2020 LHP Quality Awards. Read the whole story for details about their work to close the gap during the COVID-19 pandemic for preventative care and flu vaccinations during a drive-through bingo event, and to view all the clinics who earned recognition for their focus on quality for their patients.

Updating LHP Reporting Suite

In 2021, we are bringing a new, unified look and feel to the LHP Reporting Suite allowing for a more user-friendly experience for all of our members. The LHP Reporting Suite includes dashboards for Clinical Integration (CI) program and cost and utilization performance monitoring and provides actionable data to LHP members. In addition to updating all of our existing reporting, we are also rolling out new dashboards for monitoring performance across our value-based contracts, starting with the Cost and Use Payor Dashboard.

Coming Soon: 2021 Clinical Integration (CI) Education

The 2021 Clinical Integration (CI) Education video will be available in E+ in the Spring. The video will be 20-30 minutes and intended for both providers and clinic administrators. Once available in the Spring, please log into E+ to complete your education before June 30 to earn full credit. Keep in mind that LHP providers are required to complete CI Education to be eligible for incentive payouts. If you miss the June 30 deadline, you can earn half points for completing the education by September 30.

Coming Soon: Major Upgrade to Providers and Locations webpages

LegacyHealth continuously strives to improve the patient and provider experience, which now more than ever begins digitally from a cell phone or computer. Each year, we see millions of pageviews of the find a provider and locations sections of LegacyHealth.org. In line with this, and based on feedback from our patients and staff, we will launch a major upgrade to both of these sections on January 29, 2021.