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Cancer Screening & Risk Reduction
Reduce Your Risk Through Diet & Lifestyle
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Environmental factors play a role in cancer prevention. The right diet and lifestyle choices, paired with regular screenings, can reduce your risk.

The Anti-Cancer Diet

What's Getting Into You?

Reduce Your Breast Cancer Risk

Cancer Videos
Cancer can affect women of all ages. Watch our videos to learn more about breast and gynecologic cancers, screening guidelines, the role of genetics, environmental factors, and prevention tips.

► Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening

► Hereditary Cancer: What To Know

► RX For Health Living

Breast Cancer Screening 
Legacy doctor performing breast cancer screening on patient
Breast cancer is almost always beatable when detected early. Here you can schedule a screening and learn how to reduce your risk.

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Genetic Counseling & Testing

Should you be tested? The answer isn’t always yes. Only 5-10% of cancer is hereditary. Talk with a genetic counselor to find out if testing is a good choice for you. Our award-winning program provides counseling and information about the inherited risks of cancer and genetic mutations.

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Know Your Risk
Women stand together to fight cancer
Part of staying healthy is making good choices. Make the smart choice to learn about your risk for developing breast cancer.
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Why Legacy for Cancer Care
Find out what makes our cancer programs among the best in the nation.
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Find a cancer care specialist who is right for you.