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Colon Cancer: Reducing Your Risk
Walking to have a healthy lifestyle
Regular screenings and a healthy lifestyle can go a long way in helping you prevent colon cancer. See what you can do to stop cancer before it starts. 
What Is a Colonoscopy?
Legacy doctor tells patient about colon cancer risks
A colonoscopy is the best way doctors can not only detect, but also reduce the risk, of colon cancer. Learn more about this life-saving screening tool.
Schedule Your Colonoscopy
Patient scheduling a colonoscopy appointment with nurse
To schedule your testing, talk to your primary care doctor or find a doctor.
Additional Screening Options
Colon cancer doctors looking at screen
Though a colonoscopy is your best bet for screening for colon cancer, learn about other tests your doctor may recommend, if appropriate.  
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Why Legacy for Cancer Care
Find out what makes our cancer programs among the best in the nation.
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Find Your Doctor
Find a cancer care specialist who is right for you.