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GRANTS MANAGEMENT - Facilities & Other Resources

Supporting our researchers' projects from concept to close-out.

The "Facilities & Other Resources" attachment is required unless otherwise specified in the FOA.

There is no page or word limit for this section.

Describe how the scientific environment in which the research will be done contributes to the probability of success (e.g., institutional support, physical resources, and intellectual rapport). In describing the scientific environment in which the work will be done, discuss ways in which the proposed studies will benefit from unique features of the scientific environment or from unique subject populations or how studies will employ useful collaborative arrangements.

NIH Guidance:

NIH Application Guide - Facilities


  • If there are multiple performance sites, describe the resources available at each site.
  • Combine subcontractor facilities/resources into one document with LRI's.
  • Describe any special facilities used for working with biohazards and any other potentially dangerous substances. Note: Information about select agents must be described in the Research Plan, Select Agent Research section.

For early stage investigators (ESIs), describe institutional investment in the success of the investigator. Your description may include the following elements:

  • resources for classes, travel, or training;
  • collegial support, such as career enrichment programs, assistance and guidance in the supervision of trainees involved with the ESI's project, and availability of organized peer groups;
  • logistical support, such as administrative management and oversight and best practices training;
  • financial support, such as protected time for research with salary support.

Examples and Templates: 

LRI has a base template available. Contact jcouchma@lhs.org for the most recent version for your department.

Many other examples can be found online: Search now for examples and templates