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GRANTS MANAGEMENT - Authentication Plan

Supporting our researchers' projects from concept to close-out.

NIH Guidance:

The "Authentication of key biological and/or chemical resources" is a required attachment.

Although there are no page or word limits for this section, a maximum of 1 page is suggested.

Key biological and/or chemical resources may or may not be generated with NIH funds and: 1) may differ from laboratory to laboratory or over time; 2) may have qualities and/or qualifications that could influence the research data; and 3) are integral to the proposed research. These include, but are not limited to, cell lines, specialty chemicals, antibodies, and other biologics.

The quality of resources used to conduct research is critical to the ability to reproduce the results. Each investigator will have to determine which resources used in their research fit these criteria and are therefore key to the proposed research.


  • If applicable to the proposed science, briefly describe methods to ensure the identity and validity of key biological and/or chemical resources used in the proposed studies.

  • If the Research Strategy does not propose use of key biological and/or chemical resources, the Authentication Plan attachment should include a brief statement indicating that no key biological and/or chemical resources will be used in the activities proposed in the application
  • Standard laboratory reagents that are not expected to vary do not need to be included in the plan. Examples are buffers and other common biologicals or chemicals.

Examples and Templates:

Many examples can be found online: Search now for sample Authentication Plans