Heart services

Locations and providers

Convenient locations for heart services

Legacy Health offers many close, convenient locations for our heart patients in the greater Portland area, mid-Willamette Valley and Southwest Washington.  

Cardiac rehabilitation

Our cardiac rehabilitation program uses education, exercise and emotional support for patients who have had a heart-related event.

Cardiac surgery

Our team of cardiothoracic providers is one of the best and most comprehensive in the Northwest.


Our board-certified doctors include world-renowned experts in every area of cardiology. They work with a team of nurses and other medical specialists to prevent, diagnose and treat heart disease. 

Heart failure

When you have heart failure, that muscle isn’t working as well as it should. 

Heart rhythm / Arrhythmia

Using the latest technology, our expert staff provides evaluation, diagnosis and treatment for both fast and slow heart rhythm problems. A new device called “The Watchman” is giving patients an alternative to blood thinners. 

Interventional cardiology

The types of heart disease treated with interventional cardiology can be narrowed arteries or weakened heart valves.  These procedures are done in cardiac catheterization labs which are available at several of medical centers. 

Structural heart

Legacy Health's structural heart disease program uses innovative, minimally-invasive treatments to treat a broad range of conditions. 


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Community Impact
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