Brain and spine care


Why Legacy?

Nationally recognized care
Legacy's stroke program is nationally recognized for helping people survive strokes and improve their quality of life afterwards. Our hospitals rank among the best in the United States for stroke care.

We work closely with Emergency Medical Services throughout northern Oregon and Southwest Washington to help identify stroke patients and get them to treatment quickly and safely. To give patients the best chance for a full recovery, rehabilitation begins before patients even leave the hospital.

Complete stroke centers
Five Legacy hospitals offer certified stroke centers:

We offer the entire range of treatment options for strokes of all kinds:

  • Management of smaller strokes using drugs
  • Minimally invasive (interventional) procedures
  • BrainPath –– a revolutionary surgery technique that treats hemorrhagic (bleeding) stroke while preserving brain function. Learn more about BrainPath.

Stroke care

A stroke, or brain attack, happens when blood flow to your brain is stopped. It is an emergency. Call 911.

The brain needs a constant supply of oxygen and nutrients to work well. Brain cells begin to die after just a few minutes without blood or oxygen. 

When brain cells die, brain function is lost. A stroke may affect your ability to:

  • Move
  • Speak
  • Eat
  • Think and remember
  • Control your bowel and bladder
  • Control your emotions
  • Control other vital body functions

A stroke can happen to anyone at any time. In stroke, every second counts. Prompt action can prevent further damage to the brain and help someone make a full recovery.

Learn more about strokes.

Know the signs of a stroke with BE FAST.

If you feel or see the signs of a stroke, call 911.


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