Legacy Devers Eye Institute

Lasik (vision correction)

Correcting vision through LASIK

LASIK and PRK are laser treatments to correct vision and reduce patients’ need for glasses or contact lenses. These treatments work by changing the shape of the cornea to improve vision. These treatments are sometimes referred to as corrective eye surgery for refractive errors.

The chance of having a vision-reducing complication after this procedure is less than 1 percent, and 90 percent of patients can legally drive the next day.

Latest technology, expert doctors

Legacy Devers Eye Institute experts use the IntraLASIK laser technology for performing the first step of the LASIK procedure, providing more accurate and more predictable results than the traditional method. IntraLASIK technology is considered so safe and effective that it's used by NASA for astronauts and by the U.S. military for combat forces.

At Legacy Devers Eye Institute–Laser Vision Services, iLASIK surgery is performed by ophthalmologists who are also fellowship-trained cornea specialists. Trained corneal specialists perform the screening before and after the surgery.

For more information on these procedures, please contact Christina Kelley, LASIK surgery coordinator, at 503-413-6540.



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