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Helping you stay safe on the road

Health issues can lead to changes in the ability to drive. If you or someone you care about has had a change in physical or mental abilities, you should know about DriveABLE  — an evaluation that helps determine whether a person is safe to drive.

Our services

Legacy Rehabilitation Services offers the assessment, which takes about an hour.

DriveABLE is for drivers with medical conditions that may change their ability think, remember and act. If your physical or mental ability has changed, or you are taking medication(s) that affect your thinking, you should consider taking the DriveABLE assessment.

DriveABLE can also help keep you from being falsely identified as unsafe to drive.

Driving assessments are available at:

Who leads the assessment?

You will take the DriveABLE assessment with a certified technician who has been trained to deliver the evaluation. If you are interested in our physical therapy services, learn more here

Need help?

  • To schedule an assessment, call 503-413-3707. 
  • For more information, visit the DriveABLE website.



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