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Supporting you in your path to a better life

We are pleased that you are interested in the Legacy Pain Management Centers and hope that we can support you on your path to a better life. 

Our program includes a team of experts who provide a comprehensive approach to care. We offer expertise in caring for painful conditions with the goal to improve function and restore quality of life.

From neurostimulators to pain pumps, our team provides multiple approaches to deal with the complex needs of our patients. Our patients actively take part in their care. Through education and support, we help our patients learn to manage their conditions and regain an active lifestyle. 

Our team

Our team includes physicians, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, physical therapists, behavioral health providers and a mind-body specialist. Meet our team.

How we approach your care

Although each person's pain is unique, there are similarities in the way pain affects the body over time. After a complete evaluation, we will develop a treatment plan for you. You and your team will work together to reach your goals. 

Our services and treatments

Our services include teaching patients how to manage stress, improve sleep, improve their daily routines and more. We provide medical exams, evaluations and behavioral assessments to help develop your treatment plan.

Please note: To make an appointment, you must have a referral from your doctor. We will contact you after we review your information.

Daily opioids

Opioid abuse is a serious public health issue, but changes in preventive actions, addiction treatment and response to overdose are helping. 

That’s why Legacy Health, and providers around the country, are finding new ways to treat pain. 


We accept most major health insurance plans. Our staff is happy to assist you with insurance questions. 



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