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Legacy lung cancer screening done by nurse and doctor

Schedule your sceening

To talk with a health care provider about lung cancer screening and schedule an appointment, call 503-413-8050.

What you need to know

Lung cancer screening is the only proven way to find lung cancer early, before symptoms occur or it spreads.
Lung cancer screening, only for heavy smokers and former heavy smokers, involves undergoing a CT scan every year.

Smoking is the biggest risk factor for developing lung cancer. By detecting signs of lung cancer early, before symptoms begin, doctors have a better chance of treating the disease.

It is important to undergo your lung cancer screening at a comprehensive center, such as the Legacy Cancer Institute.

What to expect

  • Call first. If you think you may need the screening, call 503-413-8050 to learn about the screening program, make sure it's right for you and get it scheduled. Lung cancer screenings are done at Legacy Good Samaritan Medical Center in Northwest Portland and Legacy Meridian Park Medical Center in Tualatin. 
  • How it works. Before your scan, you can talk with our medical staff to discuss how screening works, including the chances that your scan will show something suspicious. You will then go directly to the radiology department for the CT scan.
  • If follow up is needed. If the test shows something suspicious, you will need more tests. We will contact you within three working days. Most often, these suspicious spots are not cancer, but should be checked regularly.
  • Cost. Many insurance plans, including Medicare, cover lung cancer screening.

Our expert team

Our lung cancer screening program is designated as a Screening Center of Excellence by the Lung Cancer Alliance. All the doctors in our screening program are fellowship-trained lung cancer experts. They have special training and experience looking at images of your lungs, interpreting the results, and providing any follow-up care that you may need.

We use the most advanced CT scanner, a low-dose 128-slice CT, that shows the tiniest details.

Meet the lung cancer screening program team:

Phillip Baker, MD, radiologist 
Brandy Carpenter, FNP-C, AG-ACNP-BC, nurse practitioner
Andrew Cox, MD, radiologist
Jordan Fein, MD, pulmonologist, Legacy lung cancer program medical director
Allison Pearl, MD, radiologist
Janet Vanoni, MSRN, registered nurse

Schedule your screening

To talk with a health care provider about lung cancer screening and schedule an appointment, call 503-413-8050.