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OBC's Burn Classes for Professionals

The Center offers these free classes throughout Oregon and SW Washington for nurses, physicians, EMS, Fire Service, and high-risk workers. Classes are usually PowerPoint presentations, one to three hours in length, presented by a staff member of the Oregon Burn Center. Handouts and other materials are provided free of charge. 

For more information or to schedule a class please email us. Thank you for helping us provide the best burn care in the nation. 

Class summaries

The Care and Treatment of Burn Injuries class is geared toward first responders, EMS, firefighters, nurses and physicians at hospitals, as well as students in those categories throughout the region. The class is structured to provide care and treatment practices for a burn injury from the first minutes to several hours after a burn injury. Fluid resuscitation, patient stabilization, transfer practices, and wound care protocols are all covered in detail. Graphic pictures are shown. This class is usually two hours in length and can take place at your site. Email us for more information. Class Objectives 

The Burn Wound Care class is structured for nurses and physicians in the clinic or home health settingor for those that might care for a burn wound after discharge from the Burn Center. We also talk with pediatric offices and emergency departments about minor burn injuries that do not require transfer. This class teaches the difference between minor and severe burn injuries, appropriate topical medications, wrapping techniques and recognition of complications. It is usually one hour in length. Email us for more information. Class Objectives 

The Preparation for Burn Disaster class is a new class from the Oregon Burn Center for first responders, nurses and physicians, that focuses on the Oregon Burn Center disaster plan for large numbers of burn injuries. Content includes triage, care and treatment for a burn patient for the first 24 to 72 hours, transfer protocols during a disaster with multiple burn victims, wound care, supply needs and contact protocols for the Oregon Burn Center during the disaster. This three-hour class includes a watching a video of a simulated burn disaster. Email us for more information. Class Objectives  

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