Certain life-threatening illnesses or injuries require ECMO, a technology that fully supports a patient's heart, lungs or both when they cannot function on their own. Legacy's ECMO program has provided this life-saving care across the region for more than 30 years. 

Providers: To refer a patient for ECMO, please call 1-800-500-9111

About the Legacy ECMO Program
Our ECMO team is dedicated to delivering exceptional care, providing education, discussing progress, and evaluating goals of care. Learn more about our program.
ECMO Patient and Family Resources
Learn more about what is involved with ECMO, what patients and families can expect during ECMO, who is on a patient's ECMO care team and answers to other frequently asked questions.
ECMO Professional Resources
Health professionals can locate contact information for ECMO provider education, case review requests, clinical requests or questions. Read our epidemiologic study regarding the resource challenges related to ECMO centers during the H1N1 pandemic.
Legacy ECMO History & In the News
Learn from saving a life after a disaster on Mt. Hood in 1986 to being the regional leader in life saving care: Learn about the history of our ECMO program and hear from ECMO patients.
Donate to ECMO at Legacy Emanuel Medical Center
With your help, we will enhance Legacy Emanuel's role as the region's trauma hospital of choice and provide services that allow residents of our communities to receive this lifesaving care close to home.

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