Practitioner Home Page

Practitioner Home Page

Accessing your personal Practitioner Home Page (PHP)

If you have your PHP account information, you may log into your Practitioner Home Page at any time during the credentialing process.

If you are a new medical staff applicant and submitting your credentialing application for the first time, a credentialing specialist with the System-wide Centralized Verification Services (SCVS) will assist you with the credentialing application process, including providing access to your Practitioner Home Page (PHP). Please visit the new applicants section for further instruction. 

Once you have received your PHP account information and login instructions, new applicants can manage the following credentialing and privileging tasks using their PHPs:


  • Initial – Complete your initial application or view your submitted application
  • Reappointment – Complete your application or view your submitted reappointment application
  • View your application status and see tasks that you need to complete


  • Complete privilege forms for your initial application (if needed) or view previously submitted privilege forms
  • Request privileges outside of a reappointment cycle
  • View your current privileges

File Transfers

  • Upload documents that need to be submitted to the Medical Staff Services Department