Credentialing FAQ

Credentialing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Listed below are answers to our most common questions regarding credentialing. If your question is not listed, contact the System-wide Credentialing Verification Services (SCVS) at 503-525-7660.

Where can I find Legacy's eligibility requirements?

Each site has their own bylaws with specific eligibility criteria. The application packet you received with your application contains this information or it can be found on the Physician Portal under the medical staff site. 

What happens if I forgot to include something in my application?

Please send this additional information to Legacy's System-wide Credentialing Verification Services (SCVS) at 1650 NW Naito Pkwy # 185, Portland, OR 97209 or you may fax this information to 503-525-7652. 

What is the general timeline from when I submit my application until I get on the medical staff?

Our goal is to have your application verified and completed for recommendation to the Board within 120 days of receipt of the completed application. The more complete the application, the easier it is to identify what primary source verification is needed. There are several factors that affect the time required to process a credentialing application, such as Foreign verses American Medical Graduate; appropriate peer references; professional liability history; number of years out of training; training or practice outside the United States; practice as a locum tenens physician; employment history; etc. Please note, the time frame indicated above is a generalization. Your application could take much less time and, unfortunately, in extreme cases it could take much longer based upon your professional history. 

What do I do if I receive a letter that my credentialing application is missing some information?   

Please provide the missing/requested information promptly in order to avoid additional delays. Please send this additional information to Legacy's System-wide Credentialing Verification Services (SCVS) at 1650 NW Naito Pkwy # 185, Portland, OR 97209 or you may fax this information to 503-525-7652. 

Why does the process take so long?

We require primary source verification of all your activities since medical school or applicable education. We are dependent upon responses to our queries regarding training, experience, affiliation, professional reference, licensure and any malpractice information, etc. Therefore it is imperative your application be filled out in detail with regard to dates (month and year), addresses, and contact information. 

What information do you collect in the credentialing process?   

The credentialing process collects relevant information that will serve as the basis for decisions made regarding appointments and reappointments to hospitals. When an applicant is being evaluated, hospitals are required to verify the information in the application that relates to the individual's licensure, training, experience, and competence from primary sources. Your application is then evaluated by comparing the information provided on your application with the information provided by the primary source. Additional information may be required to supplement the information obtained to fully evaluate each applicant.

How far in advance will you accept applications?  

We will accept application up to six months prior to the expected start date for an applicant.

How often are providers reappointed?   

Each Legacy facility reappoints practitioners every two years, unless otherwise indicated.

Why won't you accept an older version of the Oregon Practitioner Credentialing Application (OPCA)?  

In 2012, the Oregon Practitioner Credentialing and Recredentialing Applications were updated by the state of Oregon. Oregon's Advisory Committee on Physician Credentialing Information (ACPCI) had granted a grace period, but the newest version became mandatory on August 1, 2012. (The OPCA will indicate 5/1/12 on the bottom of each page)

If I live in Washington, will you accept the Washington Practitioner Application (WPA) in lieu of the Oregon Application?

If you are only applying to Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center we will accept the WPA. However, if you are applying to any of the Portland area hospitals, we will require you to complete the Oregon Practitioner Credentialing Application (OPCA) and therefore only send out this application.

If I am awaiting my residency training letter, can I submit my application anyways?

Yes, we ask that you please provide documentation that contains when you requested this information and the anticipated receipt time frame. 

What professional liability limits are required?

Legacy requires a minimum of $1,000,000 per occurrence / $3,000,000 in aggregate. 

If I am currently on staff at one Legacy hospital and want to join another facility, do I need to complete an entirely new application? Do I need to go through the whole credentialing process again?

Yes, each Legacy facility has their own independent medical staff. You will need to go through the initial appointment/credentialing process again. Since the Legacy facilities share a credentialing system, the application that will be sent is pre-populated with the information previously provided and verified in an effort to reduce this administrative burden. 

Who do I contact to check the status of my application?

Enclosed in this application packet is a listing of who to contact to check the status of your application and privileges at each site. If you are unsure, please feel free to call our System-wide Credentials Verification Services team at 503-525-7660 and they can direct you to the appropriate party.

If I am currently completing my residency/fellowship and am applying for my license and DEA upon completion, can I still submit my application?

Yes, however, we ask that you do not submit your application until you have applied for your medical licensure in the state you are planning to practice in due to the time it takes for processing. Please note that verification of successful completion of your program is necessary to complete your credentials file. Therefore, if the credentialing process is complete before you have completed your program, your file will be "pended" until the Medical Staff Services Department is able to obtain the necessary verification.

Why do I need to have call coverage established before completing my application to your facility?

One of the requirements in the Medical Staff Bylaws require applicants to make coverage arrangements with a staff member with similar clinical privileges in case of illness or unavailability.

Will you accept scanned documents in lieu of hard copies?

Yes, please make sure the scanned copies are legible before discarding the original hard copies.

Do you accept electronic signatures?

Yes, we will accept electronic signatures.

Does the background check cover me for all sites?

Yes, the background fee covers you for all sites for a period of six months. If you apply to an additional facility/facilities after you initially paid your background fee, you will be required to pay a new background fee as we will run a new background check.

If I decide to withdraw my application, are the fees refundable?

Application fees are non-refundable if we have started processing the application.

If I am a Legacy employee, do I need to pay the application and background fees?

No, as a Legacy employee your fees are paid for by Legacy. Please note this may not apply to moonlighters or Fellows.

If I have questions regarding the medical staff categories, who should I contact?

Please contact the site-based credentialing specialist noted on the contact list provided with this application.

If I am in private practice, do I need to complete the work history assessment letter?

Yes, we ask you to please complete the top portion of the letter indicating you are in an independent practice. You do not need to complete the assessment portion of the request.

Why do I pay separate application fees for each site?

Each Legacy site has its own independent medical staff.

Do you accept credit cards for the payment of fees?

No, our medical staff offices do not accept credit cards for payment of fees. 

Why am I being asked to pay dues when I just paid an application fee?

The application fee is a one-time fee to process your application before you are appointed, whereas the medical staff dues are an annual fee paid after you have been appointed. 

How can I help to expedite the credentialing process?

Be an active participant in the process as well as: 

  • Fill out your application as completely as possible. If you supply incorrect or incomplete information, the credentialing staff must spend valuable time searching for correct addresses and/or phone/fax numbers, which could cause unnecessary delays. Please remember, the responsibility for providing accurate credentialing information lies with you, the applicant.
  • Make certain that the professional references provided have current (within the last 24 months) personal knowledge of your current clinical competence, ethical character, health status and ability to work cooperatively with others. We also ask that your references be in your same specialty. 
  • Provide a complete and accurate listing of current and previous affiliations and training programs. 
  • Provide a complete history of your professional liability coverage for the past five years (if applicable). Any gaps in your coverage history must be explained.
  • It is also necessary to provide explanations for any gaps in time. Any time gap with duration of more than two months must be explained.
  • Return your complete application in a timely manner and allow sufficient time for processing. Do not wait until you have obtained a license. Hospital credentialing and the licensure process can work in unison. The credentialing process does not begin until your completed application has been received by the Medical Staff Services Department. Your fees and all required documents must be provided.