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Quality Corner: 2021 improvement spotlight - Diabetes care

This year, Legacy Health Partners (LHP) is focusing our network-wide improvement efforts on diabetes care. The network has not met regional and national benchmarks on some diabetes measures during the past few years. LHP will launch a multi-prong approach to help you with care coordination and clinical outcome improvement for diabetic patients this year.

Currently, LHP is in the process of developing a “playbook” that launches later this year and will include workflow tools and tip sheets, summaries of testing recommendations, and improvement strategies that will assist primary care groups in adopting best practices and providing the most comprehensive diabetes care possible. We’ll share more details throughout the year as resources and clinical collaboration events are developed.

In the meantime, providers may refer qualifying patients to Legacy Health’s established Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP). The Diabetes Prevention Program is nationally recognized by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and supports patients through small group classes with Legacy dietitians and lifestyle coaches. In addition, pre-diabetic patients covered by the Legacy Employee Health Plan will be contacted to enroll in a separate pre-diabetes program through Care Support Resources (CSR), or you may refer them to DPP. Patients in the CSR program will be connected with one of Legacy’s certified health and wellness coaches for one-on-one support and collaboration on lifestyle modifications. Legacy Employee Health Plan members will receive increased benefits for enrolling in either of these programs.

You can find more details for each program here.