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Overcoming extraordinary challenges one day at a time

Jenny Robinson, Executive Director, Legacy Health Partners

Jenny RobinsonAs the last of autumn leaves settle and the winter chill sets in, I wonder how we are this close to welcoming a new year, and I am equally astounded by how much we have overcome to make it this far. In many ways, the past eight months have felt like a single season that brought unimaginable events of extraordinary consequence one after the other, many that continue to challenge us today. With little time to regroup and recharge, it's understandable that each of us feels exhausted and uncertain about the future, but still, the work continues. 

Your dedication to your patients' safety and care, and your ability to adapt to their ever-changing needs, demonstrate the true strength and value of our network. While LHP leaders cannot predict the course that the coming season will chart, we can confidently say that we are committed to keeping LHP whole. We will continue to define support for our members to get through whatever challenges our network has yet to face. 

Flexibility and minimizing barriers for our members were of primary concern when LHP leaders carefully identified network goals for 2021. You can read more about what is proposed in our CI Program at a glance story within this issue. We continue to examine new opportunities for learning and collaboration on topics that you have helped us prioritize. I am thrilled to announce that we will host a virtual provider education event to dive deeper into diversity, equity and inclusion topics featuring Esther Choo, MD, a nationally acclaimed speaker and advocate for health care gender and racial equity. You’ll find a save the date memo below. We created this event for our LHP partners and will extend an invitation to all Legacy providers. I encourage you to register early and join us for this special event.

You will receive another issue of LHP news to round out the year and recognize some of the accomplishments our members have made. Until then, it is our hope that you will treat yourself with the same care and concern that you extend to your patients as we make our way through the holiday season. Though year-end festivities will look different, we all deserve time to enjoy the activities we love, time with loved ones – even if it’s virtual, and time to take care of ourselves. Be well, and I hope to see you at our upcoming virtual provider education event.