Robert Kinast, MD

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4.7 Read all reviews

My Specialties:

Glaucoma; Ophthalmology, Board-certified

My Areas of Focus:

Cataract Surgery, Medical and Laser Treatment of Glaucoma, Glaucoma Surgery, Diabetic Retinopathy, Macular Degeneration, Comprehensive Eye Exams


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About Me:

Dr. Kinast is the Residency Site Director and Associate Director of the Glaucoma Fellowship at Devers. He is also a Clinical Associate Professor at the Casey Eye Institute at OHSU and past winner of the Casey Eye Residency Faculty Teaching Award. His research focuses include medication adherence, medical devices, medication compounding, and patient satisfaction. Dr. Kinast’s research has been funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the American Glaucoma Society (AGS). He is developing a smart eye drop adherence monitor with engineers from Oregon State University. He was awarded an AGS Mentoring for the Advancement of Physician Scientists Award based on an innovative eye drop delivery aid and eye drop bottle. His team has won an OHSU Biomedical Innovation Program Award for a novel tube implant. Further information on Dr. Kinast is available here:

Training: Board-certified in ophthalmology, Dr. Kinast is a glaucoma sub-specialist and anterior segment surgeon at Legacy Devers Eye Institute. He received his medical degree from the University of Michigan Inteflex Program (combined B.A./M.D. program) in Ann Arbor, followed by internship at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia and residency at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco. He completed sub-specialty training in glaucoma at Legacy Devers Eye Institute and OHSU Casey Eye Institute.
Year I Started Practice: 2012
Hospitals Served: Legacy Good Samaritan Medical Center
Publication: JAMA Ophthalamology, Ophthalmology, American Journal of Ophthalmology, Ophthalmology Glaucoma, Journal of Glaucoma

Patient Rating

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Average Rating:  4.7 out of 5.0

  Jan 15, 2024
Devers eye clinic really operates like a team. Each player does their part well and on time. I mention this frequently to friends and family. I always recommend them if anyone asks.

  Jan 11, 2024
Dr. Kinast always explains each step of the exam thoroughly and makes me feel comfortable about the procedure. I never have any lingering thoughts or questions when I leave. Excellent care!!

  Jan 9, 2024
First visit

  Jan 9, 2024
Dr Kinast answered my questions.

  Jan 4, 2024
It's been 6 business days since my appointment and I'm waiting to hear from the scheduler. Hopefully will hear something in the next week or so.

  Dec 26, 2023
Dr. Kinast is a great physician: Knows so much about eyes. He has helped my eye problems immensely! And he's so kind and patient even when I talk too much.

  Dec 11, 2023
I was on time and waited about 40-45 minutes to see the provider and was not updated that the provider was running late.

  Dec 7, 2023
The facilities looked a little shabby and rundown and could use a refresh, this is certainly true of the paint and carpet.

  Dec 5, 2023
Dr. Kinast is attentive, shows concern and respect, and patience with my questions and concerns. I'm confident in his care.

  Nov 21, 2023
Dr Kinast was so rushed and was clearly annoyed by my questions -especially about surgical options and risks. Rather than listen to questions or provide clarity, he just talked louder at and over me. I was asked to sign a pre-op before even meeting Dr Kinast, before talking about surgery, options, risks, etc. It felt like I was in a surgery factory. I left with no confidence in Dr. Kinast nor did I feel I was given the tools to make a well-informed decision on surgical options. Such a shame. Devers was always the gold standard.

  Nov 14, 2023
Was a good visit with a plan for surgery

  Nov 13, 2023
Dr. Knast is is great!!! He's knowledgeable and I feel comfortable with him. He's saving my eyesight and I really couldn't be more appreciative.

  Nov 9, 2023
I had been in Legacy ED the night before and I very much appreciate the speed within which I was fit into the schedule.

  Nov 9, 2023
Everyone was respectful, understanding, helpful, neat appearance, clean surroundings, no bad comment.

  Nov 6, 2023
This visit I was expecting to have my eyes examined for prescription Lenses, but was not assertive in my request. Then, eyedrops were put in to dilate eyes to look at my Health, so I had to come back the next day for the eye exam.

  Nov 6, 2023
Always a helpful, positive, good Dr. - patient Relationship.

  Oct 16, 2023
Very happy with the clinic

  Oct 10, 2023
Everything was good and staff was friendly.

  Oct 2, 2023
Everything excellent

  Sep 26, 2023
Overall experience yesterday was good, the technician was excellent, the doctor was good but a little bit abrupt, could have been friendlier.

  Sep 14, 2023
Excellent, thoughtful care. Remarkably better than experiences at the University Hospital.

  Aug 31, 2023
Very polite , easy to talk to and provided good clear explanations of the findings and proposed future treatments

  Aug 28, 2023
The clerk seemed like that I didn't need this visit and didn't know about the surgery of eyes and just looked at my file after I informed her. She was not not respectful about my concerns.

  Aug 24, 2023
Listened to my questions, knowledgeable, but quite patronizing such that I do not plan to return. I am a legacy employee and will continue to refer people to Devers. I understand the care is good, but I wish that he had had a better bedside manner!

  Aug 15, 2023
Excellent care; very long wait - an hour

  Aug 10, 2023
40 minute wait for appointment to begin.

  Jul 25, 2023
Dr. Kinast is an Ophthalmologist and I will be having cataract surgery in about 2 months. Then I can write about my experiences

  Jul 24, 2023
Very good, friendly and knowledgeable care.

  Jul 24, 2023
I've Now been seeing Dr K for A Number of Year I Have Absolutely Nothing Bad to Say About DR K, He's always done Good by Me Great Provider and Just a Great Guy in General Dever's Should be Glad to Have Him

  Jul 10, 2023
I have been pleased with all of the doctors and other personnel at Legacy Good Samaritan.

  Jul 10, 2023
Very good!

  Jun 26, 2023
Dr. Kinast should have the name Dr. KINDEST.

  Jun 22, 2023
Always professional, Helpful, Friendly.

  Jun 22, 2023
The doctor left the door open for visit, and same for other patients he was seeing, could hear them. Extremely unprofessional. Also didn't have my history and didn't listen, wasn't interested in what I had to say. I'm a nurse and I was shocked, he bordered on rude, he was so brusque.

  Jun 20, 2023
Just very happy with the results

  Jun 6, 2023
Made me 15 minutes late for my next Dr appointment

  Jun 6, 2023
The question about my care team, I assume you mean a Legacy or Deaver's care team. Dr. Kinast (eye doctor at Deaver's) is the only doctor I have seen at Deaver's Eye Inst. My care team is at my Outside-In Clinic, who referred me to Deaver's Eye Inst.

  Jun 5, 2023
Very long wait time each visit. The doctor always seems rushed to finish visit. Dr. Kinast is very nice and friendly when he does not need to rush.

  Jun 5, 2023
I saw the Tech persons first and had to wait over 45 minutes for the Provider to see me. This is usual whenever I see this particular specialist Provider.

  May 18, 2023
If you ask someone to come 15 min. ahead of her appt. & reception does not open until 30 min. later, he seems like sloppy management.

  May 11, 2023
Wait time at this clinic is horrible! Consistently late! Other clients in waiting room were complaining to me about wait time. Not seeing the same doc as me.

  May 8, 2023
The doctor didn't know I have Graves Diease, which is why I get regular eye check ups. He said it wasn't in my records. I asked for a lens prescription for computer glasses, and although I had the pair with me from the previous prescription, he tried to fob me off to another place to get 'magnifiers'. Eventually I suggested he print up the previous prescription, which he did. I felt like he was too preoccupied or stressed to listen properly.

  May 4, 2023
All good

  May 2, 2023
I'm very pleased with the services received and really feel like I'm being heard and cared for in a way that meets my medical needs.

  Apr 25, 2023
Everything is fine. It is a great place to do my eyes -

  Apr 25, 2023
The doctor/surgeon I have been seeing was out with a baby. Sadly I've found out he is actually leaving soon. This is the first time I see the other doctor and I felt like a number, not much concern for my concerns and was really just trying to get out of the room. Not sure if he's feeling pressure due to lack of bandwidth tri try doctor Robins being out but the difference was night and day. It wasn't the best experience for me with dr kinast

  Apr 20, 2023
ALWAYS have been treated kindly and professionally. Dr. Kinast is great - knowledgeable, kind and always listens to my needs! He is great and Legacy is good! I feel blessed to come here for my eye care!

  Apr 20, 2023
I enjoyed this visit. Professional, timely, friendly.

  Apr 20, 2023
My recent appt was a pre-op for cataract surgery. I'm very comfortable with proceeding to have this surgery because of the detailed medical & procedural attention while giving me needed preparatory advice: answering my questions re: procedures and follow-up.

  Apr 18, 2023
Caring and professional care.

  Apr 4, 2023
All good.

  Apr 3, 2023
I received accurate, but upsetting, news regarding the progression of a cataract from the assistant. Because this is a special clinic for vision, I feel the assistant didn't seem alert to my feeling of shock. My doctor recommended surgery, a big deal for me. In fairness, I generally try to stay upbeat, which camouflages my distress. I think the assistant should have waited and let the physician tell me how badly my cataract had progressed.

  Mar 21, 2023
Excellent doctor & place thank you.

  Mar 21, 2023
Awful front desk communications Felt absolutely disrespected Waited over 1 hour to be seen - was told only :30Had a nursing baby at home waiting

  Mar 21, 2023
I always look forward to my appointments with Dr. Kinast. He is an excellent Dr.

  Mar 16, 2023

  Mar 16, 2023
Thanks to Dr. Kinast and his Tech Brian

  Mar 16, 2023
Dr. Kinast and his team provide excellent care of me before, during and after my cataract surgery. The Good Sam team that worked with Dr.Kinast were excellent as well. I was apprehensive about the procedure and they were very kind and helpful so I didn't stress out so bad. Now that I know what to expect when I have the same procedure done on my other eye, I will be very comfortable, no stress. I'm looking forward to getting my other eye repaired. Both Dr. Kinast and his teams are awesome. I know they have my best Interests at heart when caring for me and do their very best work. They are a credit to their profession.

  Mar 16, 2023
Excellent job and great personality

  Mar 14, 2023
Over half an hour waiting. Dr seemed rushed where he never has been before.

  Mar 9, 2023
Doctor was terrific. His nurse/assistant underestimated all waiting times, "Sit for 30 minutes, and I'll check your eye pressure." (Nearly an hour went by.) "Sorry!" "I'll be back in 3 minutes." (15 minutes went by.) "Sorry!" I got tired of Sorry'.

  Mar 9, 2023
Dr is very knowledgeable and helpful. The only bad experience is the long 45 minute wait in the waiting room. And the long wait seems to be the usual as my last 3 visits were all exceedingly long, 40 minutes to an hour.

  Mar 7, 2023
Excellent optical techs supporting Dr Kinast..