Heather Carrion, CNM

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My Specialties:

Midwifery, Board-certified




Mount Hood Medical Center

About Me:

I have been practicing midwifery since 2010 and in that time have been privileged to attend over 700 births. I believe a woman should be comfortable with her provider and that she and her provider should have a trusting relationship with open communication. I started out at PCC, transferred to and graduated from U of O and went to Columbia University for nursing & midwifery. After graduation from Columbia, I practiced in the Philadelphia area for five years where I gained invaluable experience and since starting with the Legacy Health System in 2015, I've gained even more experience and insight into how best to care for women and their families. In my free time, I enjoy many outdoor activities, including running, hiking, camping, skiing, paddling and mountain biking - many of these activities include my husband and our two German Shepherds. I love being an Oregonian, the Pacific Northwest is an amazing place to be outdoors.

Master of Science in Nursing: Columbia University
Bachelors of Science in Nursing: Columbia University
Bachelor of Science: University of Oregon
Year I Started Practice: 2010
Hospitals Served: Legacy Mount Hood Medical Center

Patient Rating

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Average Rating:  4.8 out of 5.0

  Apr 12, 2023
Sometimes this provider doesn't take the time to listen and actually understand the questions or concerns I have, and the solutions offered don't address what I'm asking. This provider doesn't always take the time to explain why they are recommending certain tests, and doesn't stop to make sure I understand why they are having me do these things. Generally, when they seem rushed is when these things happen, contributing to the feeling of being unheard and things not being explained well. This provider does a good job with asking questions about life beyond these visits, taking an interest in my life. They are very knowledgeable and helpful when they do take the time to listen to what I'm asking, and when they do, they do a very good job explaining things satisfactorily. This provider offers good resources to help me understand different topics related to our visits. Overall my experiences with this provider have been positive, aside from sometimes feeling unheard, rushed, or confused about why certain things are being recommended.

  Apr 12, 2023
Respectfully, friendly,and efficient

  Apr 11, 2023
Heather rocks! Heather is kind, compassionate and has a great sense of humor.

  Mar 9, 2023
Heather Carrion is incredible. At this visit we had to talk about the Mt. Hood Birthing Center closure which is HORRIBLE & should NOT be happening!! Shame on Legacy!!

  Mar 7, 2023
Heather was the first provider I've ever encountered pregnant or not that did not center the visit around my weight. It was a pleasant & very much appreciated encounter.

  Mar 3, 2023
Wonderful bedside manner. Knowledgeable and caring towards their patient.

  Feb 8, 2023
Everything was top notch

  Jan 6, 2023
If every doctor could be like Heather, the world would be a better place. Heather is literally the ONLY doctor on the face of this planet that has:-Never made me uncomfortable-Has ALWAYS made me feel heard-I've never felt I had to argue my needs with or choices-Has made a difference to make the "women's " clinic a more Inclusive environment for all uterus owners. Heather's always email back with in 48 hours to questions. [Detail removed for patient privacy] Heather has always been supportive of the choice I want to make with MY body. Heather cares and her patients know it.

  Nov 1, 2022
Heather is clearly well versed in trauma informed care. I felt safe, comfortable, seen and heard throughout my visit. She was patient and listened to all my questions and concerns, and requested my informed consent for everything she did. I felt she was extremely knowledgeable, but I do not feel she will pressure me into anything I am not comfortable with. I genuinely look forward to my next visit with her.

  Oct 11, 2022
I didn't have to wait very long to see Dr Carrion, and she took my pain seriously, which I appreciate. The appointment ran long, however, because she kept bringing up stuff in my medical history that was irrelevant to the appointment, like a cold I had months ago. I wish we could've stayed focused on why I was actually there instead of dwelling so much on my medical history.

  Oct 7, 2022
Heather is the best! I moved and finding a provider closer to me could make sense, but as long as Heather is at this clinic I will not switch and continue to drive 45 minutes to see her.

  Sep 29, 2022
My visit was only scheduled for 15 minutes, but because of what the doctor found, she stayed to do a biopsy. Took the time that was needed to get that done and pain free as possible prior to biopsy, and no pain during the biopsy.

  Aug 9, 2022
I loved Dr. Carrion, she was very personable and made me feel at ease and comfortable.

  Jul 26, 2022
This was the best clinic I've ever gone to for women's health. All of the staff was very pleasant to work with and kind. They make you feel as a guest in their own home. Very good energy and my procedure went better as expected. I was a little nervous, however the provider was very through on the procedure and explained everything during the process. I would recommend this clinic to any friend or family member. I was very impressed with the staff! Thank you!

  Jul 8, 2022
So I came in after a miscarriage to discuss options or where to go from here. I have been trying to get pregnant for two years finally did and suffered a miscarriage at week 6. We changed my 8 week apt to just a follow up to talk about options that might help us moving forward to get pregnant. The very first thing she asked me when she got in the room is "ok well what do you want to talk about" like she didn't already know. I was just feeling like she put it on me to come up with suggestions or recommendations on where we could go from here. Which is exactly what happen. I had to come up with everything...I had to Ask her well what about this or trying this. Should my husband go get his sperm tested are there any hormones I could start taking. Basically her answer to anything I brought up was no that wont help or why would you do that If you just got pregnant. What really would have been the harm to say yes if your husband could go get his sperm tested then we can rule that out. But no her answer again was well why would you do that the sperm just met the egg so it did work. I said yes but it's been two years and this is the first time and then it actually didn't work out. I felt like I had to lead the whole apt and come up with suggestions that she then just shot down. I felt completely unsupported and left there feeling worst and more hopeless in my journey to get pregnant. At the end of the apt she said I should take folic acid and just keep trying. I don't think she should help people that are having a hard time getting pregnant. Maybe she's a good provider when someone is pregnant but I will not go back to her as she is super unhelpful. She also at the end asked me if I was "getting impatient" like waiting two years and not having anything happen wasn't a valid feeling or wanting to do other things was just unnecessary at this time. I would never recommend her to anyone and I felt she did not help me at all. I'm looking for a different provider to go to and might leave legacy all together.

  Jun 29, 2022
Heather was amazing and I will be seeing her for my women's health needs going forward.