Alizah Rotramel, MD, FACS

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4.9 Read all reviews

My Specialties:

Colon and Rectal Surgery, Board-certified

My Areas of Focus:

Colon & Rectal Surgery (GMIS)


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About Me:

Colorectal surgeons address a part of the body that we dont often discuss outside of a medical or very private environment. The opportunity to provide a safe space for my patients to discuss and address what can be a sensitive set of medical issues is a key reason I decided to become a colorectal surgeon. I partner with my patients to better understand their medical problems and identify the best way to get them back to their work, personal and family lives. I learned that maximizing the benefits of surgery results from a patient-centered focus and, when needed, collaborating with other specialists to incorporate surgery into a multidisciplinary approach to patient care. My practice includes the treatment of colon and rectal cancer, IBS, as well as anorectal complaints what is traditionally regarded as Proctology. I also place a strong emphasis on prevention and surveillance, through colonoscopy and in some cases, regular office visits. Hobbies include: Hiking, Traveling, Music

Hospitals Served: Legacy Emanuel Medical Center, Legacy Good Samaritan Medical Center, Legacy Meridian Park Medical Center, Legacy Mount Hood Medical Center

Patient Rating

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Average Rating:  4.9 out of 5.0

  May 16, 2024
I have always had a good experience with Doctor Rotramel and consider her a caring and compassionate physician. She has treated me for (ten years?) and has always given me excellent care. I have never had a complaint with her or her care.

  May 16, 2024
Dr. Rotramel was superb. In a warm and engaging way, she questioned me thoroughly. She talked to me reassuringly during the exam and was even able to dispel my fears. I left the office feeling that whatever the diagnosis after testing, the condition can be treated, and I have confidence that with Dr. Rotramel I am in the most capable hands. I would prefer her to any other doctor. I appreciated the length of the appointment as well as the thoroughness.

  Mar 21, 2024
Dr. Rotramel is a rock star.

  Mar 19, 2024
My visit with Dr. Rotramel was a very positive experience. She is obviously extremely knowledgeable, but is also able to connect with patients on their level in a very clear and respectful manner. She is engaging and a great listener- she also has a good sense of humor, which definitely helps in this specialty! I would highly recommend her to others.

  Feb 6, 2024
Everyone was nice and respectful.

  Jan 30, 2024
As expected, I always get the best of care

  Jan 25, 2024
Excellent physician - need more like her in the field! Compassionate, knowledgeable, not rushed, always cheery. On a broader scale, keep the excellent culture going at Legacy - don't let OHSU quash it, please!

  Jan 23, 2024
I work at another hospital In PDX And choose to go outside of network to see my provider. She's kind, thoughtful and genuinely cares about my health outcomes.

  Dec 21, 2023
Dr. Rotramel is one of the best doctors I have ever seen. She is empathetic, knowledgeable and kind. Couldn't ask for better treatment.

  Dec 5, 2023
Great care given to me always

  Dec 5, 2023
Dr Rotramel is amazing. The best. Clear, kind, fun! She makes it all so comfortable. Love her!

  Nov 16, 2023
She had exceptional kindness and attention to detail that made the experience as bearable as possible.

  Nov 14, 2023
It was a good visit and she is a great Dr, however I had to wait 4 months for an appointment.

  Oct 11, 2023
Had difficulty at main hospital entrance getting to correct department. Security staff not helpful or wanting to help direct to correct department. Resulted in my getting wrong info not what doctor had recommended.

  Sep 21, 2023
The radio in the waiting room was uncomfortably loud and really unnecessary

  Sep 19, 2023
Dr Rotramel listened carefully to my concerns and explained clearly how she would address them. She was kind, had a sense of humor, sensitive to my needs and convincing in the expertise she had to address them. I came away feeling confident in the course she recommended.

  Sep 12, 2023
Dr. Rotramel is a rock star. Empathic, informed and so good at what she does. The very best.

  Sep 5, 2023
She is the best Dr. I have had

  Aug 8, 2023
Dr. Rotramel has the best bedside manner of any doctor I've ever seen.

  Aug 8, 2023
My Doctor really cared about me and my pain. She offered many options in how to address future care. I really like this Doctor.

  Jul 25, 2023
The worst part was the "hold," experience when I called the office to see what special preparations I needed for the test she wanted to give me. The best part was the delightful doctor and her staff! It was a very positive medical experience.

  Jul 11, 2023
Dr Rotramel was by far the most sensitive physician I have seen recently. Gave me her undivided attention, answered all my concerns & put my mind at ease with her recommendations.

  Jul 11, 2023
Dr. Rotramel was not the first physician in this office I met with, but she took over my case and performed the surgery I required-and I'm so grateful to have been in her care! I hope to retain my positive outcome, but if it becomes necessary I will not hesitate to contact her. I highly recommend this office and most especially Dr. Rotramel.