Frequently asked questions about billing and insurance.


What if I can't pay or I don’t have insurance? 

We can help you find insurance, help you setup an interest-free payment plan or help you apply to our financial assistance program. Learn more.

Will my insurance plan pay for my care at Legacy? 

Each health insurance plan has its own network and rules. Those networks and rules can be specific as to what services are covered and by which provider. The good news is that Legacy is included in many insurance plans. Your insurance company can give you more information about what is covered and by which providers. 

Will Legacy bill my insurance?  

Yes, if you have insurance and have given us your current information, we will send bills straight to your insurance company for payment. We will also bill more than one insurance plan for you. We allow 30 days after billing for your insurance to make payment. If your account is not paid within that time, we will ask for your help to get your insurance company to pay. You are responsible for charges not covered by your insurance, including deductible and/or co-payment. 

Will the bill include doctors’ services? 

The hospital bills you separately from doctors. Many of the doctors and other providers practicing at Legacy are not employees of the hospital. You may get separate bills from them. For example, you may receive a bill from the hospital, a bill from a doctor who provided care and a bill from the radiologist who read your X-rays. 

Can I receive my bill online (a paperless bill)? 

Not all bills for Legacy services are available online. Those that are available can be accessed through a MyHealth account in the "Billing" section. If you do not have a MyHealth account, find out how to create one

Will I receive an itemized bill? 

We do not automatically send itemized bills. You can ask for one by contacting us.

Will I get reminders about my bill? 

Yes. Depending on the notification preference indicated in your medical record, you will be sent payment reminders for hospital and clinic bills by text message, email, or phone 14 days after your statement is sent. These reminders make it easy to make secure payments with one click. You will be asked to opt-in to text reminders and can opt-out of notifications at any time.