Brain and spine care (neurosciences)

Brain surgery

Expertise for brain and nervous system disorders

Neurosurgery is more than brain surgery. Neurosurgeons work to prevent, diagnose and treat disorders of the brain, spine, or nerves of the limbs or extremities.

In many patients, neurosurgeons work closely with neurologists, who do not perform surgery.

Among our areas of expertise:

Why Legacy?

We understand how hard it is to have, or to care for a loved one, with a brain or nervous system disorder. That’s why we come alongside you and be your guide toward healing and recovery. 

  • Specialized services: Legacy Emanuel Medical Center, home of a Level 1 trauma center, features a special unit for brain surgery patients that nurtures patients with plenty of natural light. Family members and loved ones enjoy comfortable rooms where they can visit with patients. It also has a sophisticated brain monitoring systems that alert staff to even the most subtle change in brain activity.
  • Advanced technology: We also offer advanced technology to make to perform surgeries on tumors that were previously inoperable and to treat bleeding strokes. Go here to learn more.

Our neurosurgery team

  • Prominent neurosurgeons from across the Portland-Vancouver area — many with very specialized expertise
  • Neuro-intensivists (doctors who care for neurosurgery patients while they are in the hospital)
  • Neuro-rehabilitation therapists
  • Social workers and chaplains trained to care for neurosurgery patients and support their families
  • Neuropsychologists to help patients and families cope with the challenges of recovering from strokes, brain surgery and other neurological conditions
  • Cutting-edge clinical trials and research: lab research, as well as patient clinical trials. Learn more about Legacy Research Institute


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