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Bronchial Thermoplasty

What is bronchial thermoplasty?

Bronchial thermoplasty is a minimally invasive therapy for people with severe asthma that helps reduce the number of asthma attacks. It is only for adults (age 18 and older) with severe asthma that isn't well controlled by medication, and who don't have other health conditions that worsen asthma.

Call Legacy Medical Group–Pulmonary for an appointment to see if bronchial thermoplasty may be an option for you.

About the procedure

Bronchial thermoplasty uses heat to destroy some of the smooth muscle lining your airways. This decreases the ability of your airways to constrict, increasing your ability to breathe. The result is fewer asthma attacks. It is not a cure for asthma. After the procedure, most people will still need asthma medication.

What to expect

A bronchoscope (a small tube with wires on the end) is placed through your mouth into your lung, and the wires are opened to touch the inside of your airways. Heat from the wires destroys some of the muscle in that area. This is done three times, about three weeks apart, each treating a different part of your lungs.

The procedure is done under anesthesia in the hospital. Most patients go home the same day, or within 24 hours.

A track record of success

Bronchial thermoplasty is new to the Northwest, although it has been done across the country with very good results. Here are results from a clinical study of 300 patients:

  • 32 percent reduction in severe asthma attacks
  • 84 percent reduction in ER visits for respiratory symptoms
  • 73 percent reduction in hospitalizations for respiratory symptoms
  • 66 percent reduction in days lost from work, school or other daily activities due to asthma

Where to get bronchial thermoplasty

In the Portland-Vancouver area, bronchial thermoplasty is only available at Legacy Good Samaritan Medical Center. Dr. Jordan Fein, with the Legacy Medical Group-Pulmonary, is the only doctor with the special training required to do this procedure.



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