Cancer Healing Center

Healing that focuses on the whole person.

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Legacy doctor and patient hold hands for healing

Build your support system

Call for an appointment, 503-413-6550.

How we support you

Going through cancer treatment and recovery can be difficult. Legacy Cancer Healing Center is here to help, with a range of care options to meet your physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs. The primary focus is on quality of life for the whole person, both during and after treatment.

The Legacy Cancer Healing Center provides:

  • Nurse navigators — to help you understand your diagnosis, treatment options and medications; communicate with your doctor; and find resources for financial, transportation and other concerns. Nurse navigators can be your first resource for help and can stay with you through your cancer experience.

  • Support services — a range of options for those with cancer and their loved ones

  • Survivorship care and integrative medicine — one-on-one with our nurse practitioner to manage symptoms, reduce risks, and work toward health and quality of life after treatment ends; plus referral to massage, acupuncture and other specialists to complement medical care

  • Cancer classes and groups — education, activities and emotional support for you and your family through diagnosis, treatment and recovery

We help connect you with programs and services both in and outside of Legacy Cancer Institute that best meet your needs, address side effects and improve your quality of life.

We offer many classes and groups for free; others are available on a self-pay basis. For an appointment with our professional staff (such as nurse practitioner for survivorship or integrative medicine), check to see if your health insurance covers those services.

Build your support system

Call for an appointment, 503-413-6550.