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Youth Violence

Youth Violence

Youth violence

Youth violence is a multi-faceted problem, a serious public health issue and considered an adverse childhood experience (ACE).   According to the CDC, By definition, “Youth violence is the intentional use of physical force or power to threaten or harm others by young people ages 10-24.  Youth violence can include fighting, bullying, threats with weapons, and gang-related violence.  A young person can be involved with youth violence as a victim, offender or witness.”

Types of youth violence are variable depending on the community and demographic group. Research has shown us to address youth violence we must have a community approach.  Legacy Emanuel Medical Center’s youth violence program consists of working with our community partners to develop strategies and programs to address the most important aspects of prevention.  Through education programs and community involvement we can address the following:

  • Promoting family environments that support healthy development
  • Strengthen youth’s skills
  • Connect youth to caring adults and activities
  • Create protective community environments
  • Intervene to lesson harms and prevent future risk