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Delivering value and improving health

Partnerships in performance

Your commitment to improvement is a springboard to our success. As we reach the next level in performance, we understand that targets that come easy for some may take considerable effort and require more change for others to achieve. LHP is here to be a bridge to higher performance while easing the steps to get you there.

Focused teams of subject matter experts who support Legacy's full care delivery network are essential partners to achieve our vision of improved outcomes, and high-value care that is affordable for all. Please take a moment to read more about how we recently aligned and expanded our team to bring new expertise in-house to support you.

Provider Outreach and Engagement

Legacy's physician outreach team is combining with our field operations advisors under the leadership of Sallie Wynstra-Bullock. These teams have worked together collaboratively for years, however integration of the two functions will strengthen and align support received by physicians at our practices and within our hospitals.

"Having a larger team and a broader array of expertise allows us to trim down a lot of the back-and-forth communication between teams and concentrate where it matters most. This means you can expect a more comprehensive approach led by familiar faces who know your business and can connect you to hospital resources quickly - a better customer experience for all."

- Sallie Wynstra-Bullock, Manager, Provider Outreach and Engagement


Quality Performance and Improvement

A team of nine quality improvement consultants and coordinators led by Jackie Esperance will support LMG and LHP primary care and specialty clinics. The team has grown in both size and scope as they had formerly focused their efforts on LMG primary care practices.

"The team is already plugged into the LHP Dashboards to look for opportunities in areas targeted for overall improvement, however the ideal arrangement is a two-way partnership with you. We look forward to hearing what areas you would like focused consulting, training and at the elbow support in. We are eager to explore new territory and find meaningful ways of both measuring and improving performance for all practices regardless of specialty."
- Jackie Esperance, Manager, Quality Performance and Improvement


Whether you have consistently met with your advisor for years, or are just embarking upon a new relationship, now is a great time to connect with your provider outreach and engagement advisor(s). Advisors are reaching out to schedule virtual or in-person meetings with all LHP members in April and May. We look forward to supporting your unique improvement needs and to creating opportunities for others through sharing what you have mastered.