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Reflecting on a year of firsts

Jenny Robinson, Executive Director, Legacy Health Partners

This month, I crossed the one-year mark in my role as the executive director of our LHP network, and I am steeped in gratitude for what I have witnessed and been a part of. So much has been thrust on every member of this network over the past year. Together we tackled responding to a new disease while upholding our commitments to patient care and wellness, we managed the rapidly changing day-to-day environment, mastered telehealth, and PPE guidelines, to name just a few achievements. You pivoted to learn and implement so many new things, while always prioritizing care and concern for your staff and their families along with the care and concern you showed for patients. I am extremely proud of this network for how it navigated even our most difficult moments.

Quality Corner: Navigating new challenges to help patients control hypertension

Many new barriers to care emerged when the COVID-19 pandemic struck. Hypertension management is an area of priority that took a hard hit over the past year due to the complexity that the pandemic introduced. Many Legacy Health Partners’ (LHP) practices noted fewer screenings and higher blood pressure readings on average in 2020. Read more for ideas to help improve documentation and blood pressure control as we continue through 2021.

Announcements, deadlines and reminders

2021 Clinical integration education is available in E+

Clinical Integration Education is intended for both providers and clinic administrators and can be completed in 25 minutes. This year’s education reviews LHP’s role in the local healthcare market and acknowledges all we have accomplished as a clinically integrated network. Please log into E+ to complete your education before June 30 to earn full credit. A refresher on how to log in and access the curriculum is available on our Team Site. Keep in mind that LHP providers are required to complete CI Education to be eligible for incentive payouts.


Coming Soon: LHP’s 2021 Provider Learning Module curriculum will be available in E+ soon. We will notify the network when they are available to view.


LHP Reporting Suite displaying 2021 performance

Providers and clinic administrators can begin viewing 2021 performance data on their Clinical Integration dashboard in the LHP Reporting Suite in PowerBI. The dashboard has a fresh, new look this year and measures will continue to populate as data is available. Tip sheets are on our Team Site to help you access the reports that are available to you.


Reminder: April practice administrator meetings on contracting

If you missed the first session that was held at 10a.m. yesterday, you still have an opportunity to join the second session next week. See details and register below. 


LHP Practice Administrator Meeting: Contracting Strategy - Session 2

Wednesday, April 28, 12:00 p.m. - 1:15 p.m.

Click here to register.