Product trials and training

We are dedicated to the safety of our patients and staff. We have strict standards for product quality. We thoroughly evaluate a product or device before admitting it to be used to care for our patients.

Trials and evaluations

A trial or evaluation is when we use a product or device to care for a patient. A trial or evaluation requires a formal process with established criteria, measured outcomes and education of affected health care practitioners.

Legacy’s policies providing guiding principles and operational requirements with respect to evaluation and/or trials are:

LH.800.03 - Evidence Based Value Analysis for Product Evaluation & Selection
LH.800.17 - New Supply and Equipment Procurement

Pharmaceuticals: Evaluation of drugs may only be authorized by Legacy Health Pharmacy Services Administration. The distribution or use of drug samples in Legacy hospitals is strictly forbidden.  

Other products and services: Evaluations of supplies and/or equipment may only be authorized by Legacy Supply Chain Management. Any evaluations that occur without their authorization will be considered to have been unsanctioned, and the results may be considered invalid. Suppliers must sign an Evaluation Agreement prior to bringing products or equipment on campus.

Supplier representatives providing Legacy departments with drugs, supplies and/or equipment without an authorized purchase order or contract will not be compensated for either the consumption of supplies or the use of the supplies and/or equipment.

No product samples are to be distributed within a Legacy facility without the express authorization of Legacy Supply Chain Management.

Evaluation results and the decisions of Legacy are final. Further action on the part of a supplier representative to influence or change a decision will not be accepted and will be deemed non-compliant with our trial and evaluation policies. Legacy reserves the right to take appropriate action in response to supplier representative behaviors.

In-service training

Pharmaceuticals: All supplier-provided in-services for Legacy staff require the review and approval of Pharmacy Services.

Other products and services: In-service training for all non-pharmaceuticals must be coordinated through Legacy Supply Chain Management, Clinical Practice Support and the manager of the department in which the in-service training will occur.

Displays and demonstrations

Supplier representatives are not allowed to set up displays and/or conduct demonstrations of their products in any Legacy facility without the express permission of Legacy Supply Chain Management or the Food Services Department management (as applicable) at that facility. Displays or demonstrations of drug products in any Legacy Health facility require the approval of Pharmacy Services Administration. Displays in any Legacy facility common areas require the written permission of the site administrator of the specific Legacy facility. (Common areas are any areas not completely within the confines of a department. This includes hallways, entrances, lobbies, cafeterias, general-use conference rooms and any patient care areas.)

Donations and gifts

Offering or giving money, grants, services or other things of value with the expectation of influencing the judgment or decision-making process of any Legacy employee is absolutely prohibited, regardless of the value. Legacy staff or managers must immediately report the offer, receipt, demand or request for any such benefit to Legacy Management Audit.

Legacy employees are governed by a Code of Conduct Policy and a Conflict of Interest Policy. Both policies provide guidance and rules for conduct that are ethical and support Legacy's values.