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Robotic surgery is a significant advance in prostate cancer treatment, with superior control for the surgeon and significant benefits for you. 

The Legacy Prostate Cancer Center performed its first robot-assisted prostatectomy in 2006, and we're constantly finding new ways to improve your care. We decreased our prostatectomy patients' average length of stay to just under three days.

Our urology providers:

Legacy Emanuel and Good Samaritan

Sajal Dutta, M.D.
Michael Gardner, M.D.
Michael Kaempf, M.D.
Gregory McCoy, M.D.

Legacy Meridian Park

Greg Cost, M.D.
Sajal Dutta, M.D.
Michael Gardner, M.D.
Gregory McCoy, M.D.

Legacy Mount Hood

Melanie Crites-Bachert, DO
John Gunselman, DO
Shammai Rockove, MD

Legacy Salmon Creek

Erin Gibbons, M.D.
Terry Milam, M.D.

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