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Family Medicine, Board-certified


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I am a native of Vancouver, WA and am grateful to be practicing in this area. I take care of patients from birth through all stages of life. I enjoy my interactions with people and the relationships that can be formed between doctor and patient. I am married with three wonderful children. This along with church and the Boy Scouts of America keeps me busy. Hobbies include: Hiking, Reading, Sports

Year I Started Practice: 2007
Hospitals Served: Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center, Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center

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Average Rating:  5.0 out of 5.0

  May 7, 2024
Always friendly and helpful at front desk, in the office and even leaving...super nice! Thank you!

  Apr 2, 2024
I was able to have my blood drawn during this visit, so I didn't have to go to Salmon Creek with separate appointment. This was very helpful. Thanks.

  Mar 27, 2024
Dr. Lowder is great, and so is the lab. The receptionist was very helpful and nice

  Mar 26, 2024
Dr. Lowder is always very good to relate to. He listens well and makes recommendations as needed.

  Mar 20, 2024
Dr Lowder is the best!!!

  Mar 12, 2024
Routine annual check up everything was very good.

  Mar 7, 2024
The doctor and staff were very good! Thank you!

  Feb 28, 2024
As a retired RN I am surprised that on both of my last annual wellness visits a physical assessment like lungs, heart, etc were not done only a verbal exam was done. This is basic stuff and the best practice. What if my heart rate was irregular for example??

  Feb 20, 2024
My Doctor is always attentive and answers all my questions. Medical Assistant is kind.I am more than pleased with this clinic and Doctor.

  Feb 19, 2024
Everyone is super friendly, smiling and helpful. The whole staff there are wonderful. Dr. Lowder always makes you feel at ease and makes your visit pleasant. Thank you!

  Feb 8, 2024
Cannot get thru to Legacy clinic to schedule Osteoporosis check3 month waiting for physical exam

  Feb 7, 2024
Dr, Lowder is very good to work with and takes good care of this old man.

  Feb 6, 2024
We love Dr Lowder and the whole office. Every experience is a good one.

  Feb 5, 2024
Very good experience

  Jan 30, 2024
The office help, nurses, and Dr. Lowder was prompt and professional. Yes, I have referred him to my son and grandson as their Primary care doctor. He was concerned, professional, and knowledgeable about my medical conditions.

  Jan 22, 2024
Always a very positive experience from check in to lab and through exam.

  Jan 11, 2024
Dr. Lowder is amazing! It is hard to get an appointment with him but worth waiting for. He knows me and my health history for over 20 years. Haven't found anyone more capable and with a understanding way to help make you feel better and to easy my anxiety.

  Jan 3, 2024
Dr. Lowder always makes a point of patiently discussing all aspects of my health and activities.

  Jan 3, 2024
Very pleased with the attentiveness of Dr Lowder in person and responses through the portal for Dr Lowder and staff.

  Dec 20, 2023

  Dec 13, 2023
Dr. Lowder and his team have consistently provided the best medical services. Dr. Lowder is available, thorough and is such a good listener. We so appreciate him.

  Nov 29, 2023
Great care as usual...the whole staff is outstanding with quick response time and smart doctoring.

  Nov 21, 2023
Dr. Lowder is one of the best listeners and friendliest providers I've had since relocating from [location removed] almost a decade ago.

  Nov 13, 2023

  Nov 8, 2023
Your phone system is very bad.You need to make significant changes in both phone answering and phone followup., Of all the shortcomings of your system the phone answering and followup is by far the worse I have ever experienced

  Nov 1, 2023
Dr Lowder was easy to talk to. He listens carefully and asks appropriate questions. He has great medical knowledge

  Oct 30, 2023
Great Team

  Oct 26, 2023
Very good

  Oct 19, 2023
Dr Tad Lowder was extremely helpful and compassionate on all health needs. Assistance was also compassionate and receptionist was friendly. Thank you for a great experience!

  Oct 18, 2023
Perfect annual check-up, thank you!

  Oct 4, 2023
The MA made a judgement Al remark based on her opinion not medical information. This was unprofessional and it took me by surprise. I didn't respond.

  Sep 26, 2023

  Sep 20, 2023
Nurse was rather rude and somewhat vague regarding blood pressure.

  Sep 11, 2023
I was being worked in and was able to get in before my actual time. I did not wait in the room long. I was listened to and the appropriate attention was given. My history is complicated and I love that Dr. Lowder knows my history and my family history. I woudn't go anywhere else.

  Sep 6, 2023
The staff and Dr. Lowder are outstanding!

  Sep 6, 2023
Front desk tied up on phones, which delayed check in. I quite certain the MA did my blood pressure wrong. My reading was very low, which is unusual for me, and the cuff was falling down my arm. She even agreed it seemed low but did not re-take. Also, she couldn't pronounce any of my meds, some of which are pretty common.

  Sep 5, 2023
Everything during my time in the clinic was perfect. I left feeling well informed and cared for.

  Aug 16, 2023
I so appreciate Dr. Lowder. He listens to my medical concerns and cares about my health.

  Aug 9, 2023
Very difficult to get into legacy health online services. Too many verification, code Etcwas needed to get into my my E chart lab report. So I finally gave up to try more. Is there any easier way to be able to get into E charts for me to review the results? At my old age, it's very difficult to do everything I am asked to even get to see my lab results or to communicate with my health care professionals!

  Aug 1, 2023
It doesn't matter if I recommend or not if you are not taking new patients and it literally takes months to get an appointment.

  Jul 20, 2023
Excellent as always

  Jul 18, 2023
Dr. Lowder and his team are always respectful, attentive, courteous, timely, caring, informative, and efficient. Keep up the great work!

  Jul 12, 2023
Dr. Lowder is friendly, professional, courteous and easy to talk to. I go ahead and wait months to see him because he truly makes you feel listened to and considered. I feel he gives great care and feel very comfortable with having him for a doctor.

  Jul 11, 2023
Dr. Lowder is friendly, professional, and quick to respond back.

  Jun 14, 2023
I have never trusted Drs. Until I found dr. Lowder he is the only dr. I know will be able to trusted for my medical needs and I which I am able to trust

  Jun 14, 2023
Almost treats me like a friend