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Hospitals Served: Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center

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Average Rating:  4.8 out of 5.0

  May 21, 2024
I apriaciate all of them thanks

  Mar 28, 2024
I feel very comfortable coming to the Dr.

  Mar 27, 2024
Romy was awesome.

  Mar 22, 2024
Don't was great. I really felt heard as. New patient to her panel.

  Mar 19, 2024
During my entire visit she never assessed me. Never looked at my injury or laid hands on me. She was at the computer the entire time

  Mar 13, 2024
This was my first appointment with this provider. It went very well, and she was thorough in her questions and evaluating what my preferences and expectations were.

  Mar 12, 2024
Friendly and professional

  Mar 4, 2024
I feel I wasn't taken seriously.

  Feb 29, 2024
Gave no clear explanation of symptoms

  Feb 27, 2024
Very happy with my visit

  Feb 27, 2024
Very good experience

  Feb 26, 2024
This was the 2nd visit with this PA after a long period with my previous primary care individual so we are just getting familiar with my complicated and serious medical issues and I enjoy how quickly she understands ands exercises good judgement with my needs...and her assistant has a great understanding of my history and helps making me bad experiences I'm happy to say!!.

  Feb 23, 2024
This appointment was to establish a primary for my mother with dementia. Great visit and very helpful.

  Feb 23, 2024
I had a very wonderful experience .

  Feb 21, 2024
Nurse Practitioner Romy is very personable and knowledgeable

  Feb 6, 2024
Provider is unprofessional and a waste of time. I will be following up with a new doctors office to actually get help.

  Feb 5, 2024
I was having ton obtain a new PCP due to my other leaving the practice. I'm thrilled that she is new my Dr. She is amazing!

  Feb 1, 2024
No concerns

  Jan 26, 2024
It was a great experience and visit, I am very grateful my provider is Romy. She was very informative and made me feel calm throughout the whole visit. The whole staff was amazing as well and took my nerves away.

  Jan 24, 2024
I am a new Legacy patient, my appt with Romy Hafner was to establish a new primary care provider. Romy is by far the best primary care provider I have ever had. She had completely reviewed my medical history prior to my appt and came ready with questions about current medications and anything that stood out to her in my medical history. She took detailed notes by hand not on the computer making sure she maintained eye contact with me and really made me feel heard. I've never felt like my health was in better hands with a doctor. She was extremely patient, kind, caring and educated. I look forward to my future healthcare appts rather than dreading them for the first time. Romy was truly amazing!

  Jan 22, 2024
Romy Hafner was very articulate, engaged, and professional.

  Jan 8, 2024
Parking is horrible and had to skip my labs due to an hour wait

  Dec 20, 2023
The provider wanted to put me on a medication without discussing test results. I prefer life style changes first and medication only if absolutely necessary. She was very good about listening to me and respecting my wishes.

  Dec 19, 2023
Good first interaction with my new health care provider, Romy Hafner, NP. I plan on seeing her again should the need arise.

  Dec 15, 2023
You need to include how easy MyChart is to use. I do most of my communications using this app. It is great and responds quickly.

  Dec 15, 2023
Everyone was very professional and friendly. We moved a little over a year ago and recently decided to look for a doctor in our new location. After our visit we feel so fortunate to have met Dr. Hafner and all of the staff.

  Dec 14, 2023
The RN was extremely unprofessional. Health issues are not a joking matter. Her demeanor was aloof and uncourteous.

  Dec 12, 2023
Romy was very attentive to my needs and quick to follow up with additional information discussed during the visit and provided lab results promptly. I am extremely impressed. Having just come out of Kaiser, I didn't know what to expect and am very glad I had the luck to select her as my new provider through Legacy Health.

  Dec 11, 2023
Really enjoyed Dr. Romy Hafner. Very professional

  Dec 7, 2023
Apparently Romy was initially confusing me with another patient & that patient's abnormal drug history. However, that issue was corrected immediately after my appointment.

  Dec 6, 2023
Ease of getting an appt. I had to wait a month though to be seen by provider but it all went smoothly.

  Dec 4, 2023
I was impressed that they got me in for a same day appt, they were flexible when my transportation took me to the wring clinic and they had an xray machine on site so I didn't have to order another expensive medical transportation trip to go to another location. Romy and her team are great.

  Nov 30, 2023
Romy H. Did an excellent job listening to my daughter's needs and was/is thorough in trying to find a solution. Unfortunately what we really need is a mental health provider and it's next to impossible to find one that is taking new patients or one without an incredibly long waitlist.

  Nov 30, 2023
This provider doesn't seem experienced in working with my type of patient population.

  Nov 29, 2023
She was attentive considerate sensitive and had a genuine interest and concern for my Healthcare needs.

  Nov 20, 2023
A pleasant experience!

  Nov 17, 2023
She was excellent and took care of me right away. I am thankful that she was able to see me the same day I called.

  Nov 16, 2023
I've only been coming to this clinic for a short time... But I have been so happy with the ease of communication and high level of care. Thank you.

  Nov 14, 2023
It is unfortunate that now a days Medical Providers are given a set time to cover the consult and so you are telling the provider why you came for consult, she or he alerts you that she's only allowed so many minutes for the visit. Immediately it causes for you to decide which of the four concerns are you going to let the provider to assist you with

  Nov 13, 2023
They were very kind to get me in when I was having a cough problem. Last week they were also good to have a zoom meeting with me to help me get some prescriptions to control my cough

  Nov 10, 2023
I felt like my concerns were brushed off- the severity of the problem I tried to address was not recognized. The provider did not spend enough time looking through my history, otherwise she would have known that I've already tried xyz. The only tangible solutions she offered were another clinic and stuff I have already been aware of due to advertising through media. I feel like she didn't ask the right questions and came Into the room knowing she could just push me off to another online