Michael Lee, MD

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My Specialties:

Gynecology, Board-certified

My Areas of Focus:

Endometriosis, Hormone Replacement Therapy, Infertility, Menopause Management, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome



Where I see patients

Where I see patients

Lee Gynecology

About Me:

Dr. Michael J. Lee is a gynecologist who also performs advanced gynecologic surgery. His new practice is Lee Gynecology in Portland, Oregon. After graduating from Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medical in Chicago, Dr. Lee completed his residency and internship at St. Luke’s - Roosevelt Hospital Center in New York City. Dr. Lee is a Fellow of the American College of OBGYN, Treasurer of the American College of OBGYN Oregon Section (2011 – present) and Past President of the Portland Society of Obstetricians & Gynecologists (2006-7). “Your Health on Your Terms” is Dr. Lee’s goals for his patients. He asks them questions about their health concerns, changes they’d like to make and the outcomes they’d like to see. After evaluating their symptoms, Dr. Lee works with patients to decide on a treatment plan that meets their goals. Dr. Lee was named one of the Top Doctors & Nurses by Portland Monthly Magazine, Jan. 2017.

Year I Started Practice: 1986
Hospitals Served:
Publication: Clinical Orthopedics and Related Research, Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise

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