Martin Box, MD

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Family Medicine, Board-certified





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Year I Started Practice: 2022
Hospitals Served: Legacy Silverton Medical Center

Patient Rating

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Average Rating:  5.0 out of 5.0

  Aug 30, 2023
Excellent care. Has introduced me to new insulin and my health has improved . No one else has done this in the past many years.

  Aug 23, 2023
Great appointment

  Aug 22, 2023
All good, nothing negative to say at all.

  Aug 9, 2023
Knowledgeable, considerate, easy to talk to

  Jul 25, 2023
This was first visit. An Into to each other. My former Dr.of 8 years had moved out of state.

  Jul 20, 2023
I am very pleased with Dr Box and his staff.

  Jul 18, 2023

  Jul 12, 2023
I was late and they got me in anyway.

  Jul 11, 2023
Still getting to know dr box. So far so good. !

  Jul 11, 2023
Dr Box is an excellent caring physician

  Jun 7, 2023
We are soo happy with every visit we have had with Dr Box. Glad we got him!

  Jun 7, 2023
Everything went as expected. Thank You.

  Jun 6, 2023
Dr. Box is wonderful. We had to switch doctors and were nervous about it but he has made the transition easier. You can tell me cares and as a parent that means a lot to me. We have seen him a few times already and I have been impressed with him every time: way to go Dr. Box!

  Jun 1, 2023
Dr. Box is great. He listens to me and is a very knowledgeable doctor. He is easy to communicate with and isn't afraid to share some of his personal life. This quality makes him seem like a trusted friend.

  May 31, 2023
I was impressed with this doctor very good.

  May 31, 2023
Dr. Box is a new provider for me. He spent a good 30 minutes or more getting to know me. I am very impressed with him.

  May 24, 2023
Receptionist could have been a little more patient.

  May 23, 2023
I have been around Dr's since I went to nursing school at 18 years of age. Dr. Box is kind, listened and wanted to know about "me" before even looking at chart on computer. He understood my hip pain issues due active life style and DID something about the pain. Injection set up same week for bursitis. I have told others about my hip, back pain, and seems like I was to accept the pain due to Old age! He reviewed my labs and saw my concern about elevated lipids. He took care of that also. He's truly a great asset to Legacy. I'm so happy to find him and feeling better due to his care.

  May 23, 2023
Dr. Box listened to me and was very caring and thoughtful; it never felt rushed. I felt seen and heard, which is super important to me. He treated me with respect. He even asked what he could do to help me, as I was going through a challenging time. Also, it was clear that he is very accepting of everyone! I would highly recommend him.

  May 23, 2023
Caring team. They are on top of getting medical records. They ask questions about specialist that I have. Staff is very nice. Good bedside manor. They truly care about their patients physically and mentally. Very good staff at Woodburn Legacy.

  May 4, 2023
Dr. Box is exceptional and very skilled at listening and putting patients at ease.

  May 2, 2023
Other than expected wait time - very good.

  Apr 27, 2023
Very impressed with how connected he is to my situation as a very new provider for me.

  Apr 20, 2023
Super Awesome

  Apr 12, 2023
Already have recommended him to several friends! This is the first time I have met Dr Box. He had all our information before we got there did not miss a thing he was very articulate kind well informed didn't rush us I'm am so thrilled that he took us on as patients.

  Apr 11, 2023
Very good and pleased with dr Martin and staff

  Apr 11, 2023
Dr. Box has gone above and beyond for me during my illness with long covid. He's even helped me fill in paperwork for disability insurance. His attention to detail and compassion for me is better than any care I have ever received.

  Apr 5, 2023
My visit was to meet Dr. Box I was favorably impressed! He actively listened and asked good questions.

  Apr 4, 2023
Wait times on the phone is due to lack of staffing.

  Apr 4, 2023
Dr. Box was great! Very glad to have him as my doctor.

  Apr 4, 2023
Dr Box is a new provider for me. My previous provider retired .

  Mar 29, 2023
Moved from out-of-state and feel VERY lucky to have gotten Dr. Box for our primary care. So far, Legacy has done and is doing a good job...wait times for all medical appointments seem to be long as I think there are not enough doctors in the area.

  Mar 8, 2023
This was first visit with this provider, he was very thorough & spent time getting to know me and address my concerns

  Mar 1, 2023
First time meeting with Dr. Martin Box, don't you think its too early to tell?

  Feb 28, 2023
Very pleased the doctor handled as many of my concerns that he did. I have not seen a doctor in 3 years just one urgent care visit.

  Feb 14, 2023
I appreciate Dr Box for his personal style of relating

  Feb 7, 2023
This was my first visit with Dr Box. He was open to listen to me about my medical history and was able to do so (in a way my previous doctor did not) with both empathy understanding and a willingness to talk about my questions concerns before recommending tests and procedures that we both deemed necessary and important. I was most impressed. In all instances from registration thru pre checkup and consultation the professionalism was excellent

  Feb 1, 2023
Very kind.

  Jan 26, 2023
It was my first visit with Dr. Box, and I'm very happy with my new provider. He's knowledgeable, compassionate and respectful. He truly listens to me as a patient. He's truly an asset to the Legacy Health System, and I would recommend him to family and friends who are looking for a provider.

  Jan 25, 2023
Dr. Box took plenty of time to see me and make an adjustment to my prescriptions.

  Jan 17, 2023
Listened to my concerns and provided medical advice on course of treatment

  Jan 11, 2023
He talked loudly and clearly to me. And explained testing. It was a good Dr. Hopefully he continues.

  Dec 14, 2022
Dr. Box is the best I have ever had.

  Dec 14, 2022
I have none on my visit but I have been trying to sign up for My Health and all I get is a lovely screen of Mountains and Trees.

  Dec 13, 2022
Great experience.