Jordan Nomie, DO

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Family Medicine, Board-certified




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Where I see patients

Where I see patients

Hospitals Served: Legacy Mount Hood Medical Center

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Average Rating:  4.9 out of 5.0

  May 23, 2024
I absolutely love my doctor and all his staff!

  May 15, 2024
They are considerate of my needs and treat me like they care.

  May 13, 2024
The provider I saw was very nice, would recommend

  Apr 1, 2024
Dr Nomie is just plain THE BEST DOCTOR I've ever had. Warm, friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, thorough, goes above and beyond.

  Mar 29, 2024
I love Dr Nomie he is respectful, listens to what I have to say and is clear about treatment

  Mar 28, 2024
Dr. Is an all right guy and easy to talk to..

  Mar 25, 2024
Dr. Nomie and his medical assistant, Katina, were awesome. They explained things in an easy to understand way and were very helpful.

  Mar 18, 2024
Very good doctor, very good assistant Front desk people could use some guidance

  Mar 18, 2024
Super fantastic!!!

  Mar 15, 2024
I already have recommended Dr Nomie to a family member and others as well. He is now our "family" doctor. We like and trust him and he has helped us all. He has been able to bring us all relief with his OMT treatments. I am unaware of any other osteopathic doctors locally who are trained in what he does. We feel very fortunate to have found him and greatly appreciate his care for our family! He is a very conscientious and personable doctor, and I believe his practice load is growing because of that. I understand that is the reason that it takes longer to schedule appointments now. That is a good thing, that other people are also getting the benefit of his care as well.

  Mar 15, 2024
Professional, personable and courteous.

  Mar 14, 2024
Everyone there is Excellent

  Mar 13, 2024
Excellent experience. Dr. Nomie is great.

  Mar 1, 2024
Very nice experience.

  Feb 23, 2024
Very good

  Feb 22, 2024
The only concern I have is Legacy cancelling their contract with Blue Cross. This would be devistating to my family. Please keep Regence Blue Cross!

  Feb 22, 2024
Dr. Nomie feels like family.

  Feb 19, 2024
I was supposed to get an appointment with a physical therapist and my prescriptions were supposed to be refilled and neither thing neither one of those things had been done by the end of the week so I called him today because and they they neither one of the places her head received anything from you That is not right as far as I'm concerned, thank you bye

  Feb 19, 2024
Dr Nomie is very respectful to my needs.

  Feb 15, 2024
Really like the doctor he is the best

  Feb 8, 2024
The best

  Jan 29, 2024
Very efficient and professional and helped me evaluate a health plan and it started the day of my first visit. This is a new doctor and hesitated care coverage with Legacy and United Health Care Care

  Jan 24, 2024
This was more of meeting with doctor. Felt very comfortable and decided then to have him be my doctor. I'm really comfortable with him.

  Jan 12, 2024
Doctor was in a rush, he usually takes a little more time with me.

  Dec 11, 2023
Dr Nomie is the finest doctor I've ever experienced. He is compassionate, detailed, respectful, and provides the time necessary to answer my quesitons.

  Dec 8, 2023
DR Nomie is always respectful to my concerns, and a pleasure to have as my PCP.

  Dec 7, 2023
It was very good.

  Dec 6, 2023
Dr Nomie is my new PC and I have highly recommended him to 2 family members who have recently booked appointments. I was very impressed and I'm sure they will be also.

  Dec 6, 2023
Very professional and caring

  Dec 4, 2023
Overall very good visit! Nice people and very courteous!

  Nov 30, 2023
He is thorough, knowledgeable, kind, caring and sensitive to our needs. He discusses options with us and makes recommendations, and respects our thoughts as well. He is easy to talk with regarding any questions or concerns we may have about treatment options or medications. We recommend him to anyone looking for a family doctor and specifically an osteopathic doctor that can do gentle and effective manipulations. It is very helpful especially for older patients!

  Nov 29, 2023
I'm impressed by being listened to when making my challenges known

  Nov 24, 2023
The best I could have expected. It's the first time I set up my own doctor. Had so much happened to me. The doctor was the best! Had patience and was extremely thorough throughout the visit. Couldn't be more happy with my experience!

  Nov 22, 2023
Dr Nomie is friendly, courteous and attentive, as always. He explained the procedure and the aftercare. He made sure to answer any questions, and encouraged my making an appt with a dermatologist for my situation.

  Nov 20, 2023
He just wouldn't agree with me that I need diet pills

  Nov 16, 2023
I think there are other things that can cause the problems I'm having besides my thyroid, or along with my thyroid before we take my thyroid completely out

  Nov 2, 2023
Surprisingly anxiety-free visit. Dr. Nomie is very cool, very easy to talk to and actively listened to my needs and concerns. Good first visit for an angry old guy like me.

  Nov 2, 2023
The doctor was very pleasant and addressed my needs. I am very glad I found him. The ladies in the front were very pleasant also. I was not left sitting in the waiting room or left waiting long to see the doctor. I would refer you

  Oct 26, 2023
Dr. Nomie is a great addition to your clinic. He listens, he cares and my dad just signed on as his patient after coming in to mine with me and saw how great of a doctor he is.

  Oct 17, 2023
Great first experience, very happy to have Dr. Nomie as my primary care physician.

  Oct 11, 2023
He listens and makes good suggestions

  Oct 4, 2023
The office was clean and homey. The staff were very polite and professional as well as the doctor. This was my first time to your clinic.

  Sep 27, 2023
You can always get into see a doctor with same or next day. They have a x-ray machine and do their own blood work, you don't have make another appointment or go to a hospital when these are needed.

  Sep 27, 2023
First visit .liked how dr.explained why he wanted to change things and have me see specialist.

  Sep 14, 2023
I am blessed the doctor Nomie is my physician. He is kind, genuine, and very respectful. I feel like we are a partnership when trying to figure out what the best course of action is. Whether that be medication testing, etc. The gals at the front desk tend to be a little dismissive at times. In the past when I asked a question during my check-in, I get the feeling that the last thing she wants to do is answer her question almost like I am bothering her. I have to bite my tongue because I want to tell her it is her job to be welcoming and courteous to the patients other than that every person that I have encountered once I go through the doors to the exam rooms or the lab has been very helpful and courteous.

  Aug 30, 2023
Although he is not my primary physician I liked him and would see him again

  Aug 28, 2023
Dr Nomie was very caring, kind and respectful. He explained my test results and gave me medication that is working.I felt very comfortable in his care and would definitely recommend him.

  Aug 28, 2023
Legacy Health has been an absolute dream to have available for our medical care. Dr. Nomie is thoughtful, attentive, and always listens completely. He is knowledgeable, and willing to help find means of care that treat my conditions and improve my quality of life. I have struggled greatly over the years, and Dr. Nomie has put the puzzle together for my management plan. I feel incredible, and I have Dr. Nomie and his wonderful team to thank for being at the best I have ever been.

  Aug 23, 2023
THe doctor listened carefully and was thorough

  Aug 16, 2023
Very good

  Aug 14, 2023
This is my first visit to this clinic. I was impressed!

  Aug 14, 2023
Dr.Nomie was awesome! He listened to me and made my experience so comfortable!

  Aug 11, 2023
Everyone was very kind and considerate and helpful

  Aug 11, 2023
Dr. Nomie finally got his name on the front door!

  Aug 10, 2023
A great experience. A good outcome to rule out health concerns.

  Jul 24, 2023
Provider and staff were attentive, friendly, thoughtful, courteous and sought the best outcome of my visit. I am very pleased.

  Jul 12, 2023

  Jul 12, 2023
My first visit, very good experience.

  Jul 10, 2023
In the short time I had to visit with him -- He seemed to be a very impressive young doctor.

  Jul 5, 2023
This was the first visit with my Doctor. He was awesome! We covered everything I needed and wanted. He let me say yes or no if I wanted specific tests. Very personable and knowledgeable. He treated me with respect. We went through all my past experiences with my health that were relevant. I am very satisfied!!!

  Jun 30, 2023
Very good experience