Jessica Lehrfeld, DO

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Family Medicine, Board-certified




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Where I see patients

Where I see patients

Internship: St. Peters Family Medicine Residency Program, Olympia, Washington
Medical School: Western University of Health Science, Pomona, California
Residency: St. Peters Family Medicine Residency Program, Olympia, Washington
Undergraduate: Portland State University, Portland, Oregon
Hospitals Served: Legacy Silverton Medical Center

Patient Rating

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Average Rating:  4.9 out of 5.0

  Mar 13, 2024
Dr Lehrfeld is a professional. I appreciate her direct response and care. Staff are all very respectful and courteous.

  Mar 12, 2024
Legacy Health Clinic is a great place to have for my PCP

  Mar 7, 2024
She doesn't have enough time. Didn't get all my issues addressed. We need more doctors so they have the flexibility to spend as much time as needed for a patient. I feel she is always under pressure to get to the next appt. I like her very much but it seems so hurried.

  Mar 6, 2024
Always good results, that is why I keep coming back

  Mar 5, 2024
All aspects of my visit were very good.

  Mar 4, 2024
She was doing everything she could to make sure that I was getting the right medicine

  Feb 27, 2024
All the clinic staff are very friendly, respectful and knowledgeable. Dr. Lehrfeld is sensitive to my values and priorities.

  Feb 26, 2024
I was this provider's last patient of the day. It seemed like my provider was a little more off than her usual self. So I don't know if that was because it was towards the end of the office hours or something else.

  Feb 26, 2024
I usually have an annual exam as I've been lucky not to get ill. There were a lot of issues I wanted covered and Dr Lehrfeld was willing to do that.

  Feb 22, 2024
It was all good.

  Feb 21, 2024
She is a remarkably good doctor.I have and will continue to recommend her to others.She is all that you want in your doctor. Treasure her.

  Feb 20, 2024
My visit was great is. Dr Lehrfeld took care of my questions. And responded as needed.

  Feb 15, 2024
Thorough and professional

  Feb 1, 2024
Jessica listened very well to my health issues and adressed well im very happy with her she made me feel better

  Jan 30, 2024
Fabulous staff at Silverton LMG.

  Jan 11, 2024
Dr. Lehrfeld gave me considerate care during my appointment. She is wonderful explaining tests and meds. I felt completely seen and heard. Thank you, Dr. Lehrfeld!

  Jan 11, 2024
Dr Lehrfeld is the best. No complaints.

  Jan 11, 2024
My provider is awesome I would recommend too a family member and a friend

  Dec 28, 2023
Only bad thing is my doctor is extremely hard to get appointments sometimes I have ear infectioned and had to see other people for it

  Dec 26, 2023
I am very pleased with my doctor.

  Dec 26, 2023
This was a new patient visit & I was very pleased with how I was treated and listened to

  Dec 19, 2023
I really like my doctor she always listen

  Dec 18, 2023
All good. I trust and really like my doctor

  Dec 13, 2023
She was tuned into my feelings and made me feel like someone cared.

  Dec 11, 2023
It took a long time to see her. First I had to cancel because I couldn't get there. Next time they cancelled because the doctor was out. The third time I finally got in after three weeks. It was a little frustrating.

  Dec 11, 2023
Dr. Lehrfeld gives me excellent care. She spends time with me and explains everything.She Is the best Physician I have ever had.

  Dec 7, 2023
She is very caring, supportive, and kind. I feel very fortunate that she is still here! I don't know what I would do if she wasn't!!

  Dec 7, 2023
If urgent I have always been seen by Dr. PA or ER. There are simply too few DRs. In our town. When I have seen her over the past year, I have been completely satisfied.

  Dec 4, 2023
All employees made me feel at ease.

  Nov 30, 2023
Dr Lehrfeld is very thorough and thoughtful in her care and explanation of any concerns or issues I have. I feel so blessed that she is my Primary Care Provider.

  Nov 28, 2023
Dr Jessica Lehrfeld is the best doctor I've ever had. She listens, not only is she medically knowledgeable she has common sense. Doest hesitate to refer if needed. I can't say enough good about her.

  Nov 16, 2023
No bad experiences with this visit or any other's

  Nov 15, 2023
Dr. Jessica Lehrfeld is compassionate who seems to be informed of my health needs. Her friendliness allows me to communicate honestly and comfortably. She is plain awesome!!! I love her!!

  Nov 14, 2023
All the staff are friendly and courteous, the space is clean, staff are respectful.

  Nov 13, 2023
Too rushed

  Nov 9, 2023
This was a meet and greet appt. The dr was extremely helpful and engaged in my questions. I really appreciated her time. I have been searching for good primary care for over a decade and I'm very happy to have found it. Thank you!

  Nov 7, 2023
Dr Lehrfeld was quick to calm any fears and was very detailed and thorough in her addressing my situation. I felt valued and respected.

  Oct 26, 2023
I'm comfortable with my doctor.

  Oct 26, 2023
Dr.Lehrfeld was wonderful and I feel lucky to have her for my physician. I came for an annual checkup but also had neck pain that had started in the last couple of months and she gave that pain issue reassuring care and attention far beyond what I expected since I was there as only having booked my appointment as a routine annual checkup. She addressed pain issue with total attention, patience and empathy and ordered medication that has helped me immensely already!

  Oct 17, 2023
I was impressed with Dr. Jessica"s philosophy about medicines.

  Sep 25, 2023
Jessica always takes time with me. I don't see her often....but when I do she takes the time to listen and help with any issues I'm having! She cares..and it shows!!

  Sep 21, 2023
Already have referred people.Our experience with Dr. L has been a true partnership to keep my brother in the best health possible and to be included in life events as much as he can.

  Sep 19, 2023
Dr Lehrfeld is always attentive and thorough in my appointments

  Sep 13, 2023
I am very happy having Dr. Lehrfeld as my GP.

  Sep 12, 2023
Very happy with my provider she is respectful and very kind. I'm very grateful for her service and would still continue to be under her care. Thank you!

  Sep 11, 2023
All good

  Sep 11, 2023
Dr. Lehrfeld is a highly caring and considerate doctor. You feel like her only patient. Truly wonderful.

  Sep 6, 2023
You have to listen to both English and Spanish on the phone. There is no option to choose either. It's beyond annoying. The option of pressing # is no longer an option to skip the recordings. Why???

  Aug 15, 2023
Dr LEHRFELD is an excellent physician. She is careful to listen to questions and answer them clearly. She is always respectful and does not try to glaze over pt concerns. It does appear that she is over-booked and hurried at times.

  Aug 8, 2023
Thorough explanations

  Aug 7, 2023
Diabetes check up excellent Dr. MA, and office staff. (Electronic pree screening very long and computer generated, too many questions.)

  Aug 1, 2023
Very good visit. Doctor was well prepared. They listened to my concerns and questions and provided clear, concise answers.

  Jul 31, 2023
The pre check in that I was prompted to do a online didn't seem to be helpful, as I was asked to do it all again in the office.

  Jul 11, 2023
Dr. Lehrfeld is always polite and very compassionate to your needs. She listens very well and explains everything so that you can understand. She's awesome!

  Jul 10, 2023
Doctor always looks me straight in the eye and smiles when talking to me and I think she's very good for me, I am [age removed] and I am treated very well. I like my doctor and the whole clinic....thank you all for my care.

  Jun 29, 2023
At my age I have seen a lot of doctors. Jessica Lehrfeld is tops. She listens, is appropriately knowledgable, approachable but firm about the importance of health recommendations, and instills the sense that she is aware of your health history as well as willing to consider new concerns.

  Jun 29, 2023
Good very good

  Jun 29, 2023
Very good

  Jun 28, 2023
Dr. Lehrfeld was prompt and provided me with great service. She spent lots of time with me and answered all my medical concerns. She is very knowledgeable, caring, and compassionate, and has a great sense of humor. I am very happy she is my health provider. I have found a good one.

  Jun 27, 2023
Everyone attentively listens. Everyone responds in kind.

  Jun 15, 2023
Jessica has always been very helpful and caring on my visits. I have had doctors over the years and I honestly feel I can trust her more than any doctor I have worked with before. She is awesome!

  Jun 12, 2023
I'm so happy I found this office of such sweet and caring people. I I trusted this doctor the first time I saw her over a year ago. She listens to everything I have to say and adds it all up and comes out with a good treatment plan.

  Jun 6, 2023
My relationship with my doctor is good and contuing forward. Only see her when necessary.

  Jun 1, 2023
Dr. Lehrfeld listened to all my issues and gave simple, understandable answers.

  May 30, 2023
Thank You

  May 30, 2023
My provider, Dr. Jessica Lehrfeld, was compassionate and happy to see me. She is the finest health care provider I've ever had! In fact she also cares for my 3 sisters who live in other cities; they switched to her as their PCM after witnessing how I was doing!

  May 2, 2023
They are always accommodating, however. I haven't had any unusual events or circumstances arise. One big reason that I choose this office, is that if my doctor can't see me, then (hopefully) another doctor can fit me in.

  Apr 26, 2023