Jennifer Slack, MD

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Internal Medicine, Board-certified


English, Interpreters available for other languages




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Where I see patients

Where I see patients

Legacy Medical Group-Broadway

A department of Legacy Emanuel Medical Center
Year I Started Practice: 2007
Hospitals Served: Legacy Emanuel Medical Center

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Average Rating:  5.0 out of 5.0

  May 23, 2024
I'm very disappointed to see Dr.Jennifer Slack leave this practice and Legacy Health needs to do MUCH MUCH MORE in retaining their LOYAL EMPLOYEES!!!

  May 17, 2024
Extremely happy with my care from Dr. Slack and Allison. They are the reason I stay at LMG Broadway.

  May 17, 2024
Great clinic

  May 16, 2024
I always enjoy my visits here! The staff is so friendly and professional and Dr Slack is a gem. I appreciate everything you all do!

  May 16, 2024
Dr Slack is a superb physician.

  May 15, 2024
The assistants as well as the receptionists were all very friendly and very helpful. They made me feel comfortable and happy to be there.

  May 15, 2024
Very good experience. I am confident placing my healthcare in the hands of my provider and the Medical Assistants and Office Staff.

  May 15, 2024
Timely, professional, very knowledgeable, listens ,explains all aspects of health and questions asked.

  May 10, 2024
Dr. Slack is amazing and so is her whole team! I have seen her for years. Wonderful clinic

  May 9, 2024
They are the best

  May 7, 2024
Dr. Slack is very knowledgeable, a great listener, and compassionate. She is always quick to make referrals if there is a specialist that I should see. Easy to talk to her.

  Mar 28, 2024
Dr. Slack is not only an excellent internist and family practitioner but the she is the best I have ever had. She is very skilled, has excellent people, skills, and listens and respects me always. And this office has such positive energy that it's a pleasure to have a doctor visit even though it's not always about a very Pleasurable health issue.

  Mar 28, 2024
Dr Slack and Allison were awesome

  Mar 26, 2024
Dr. Slack is aware of my needs and listens when I talk.

  Mar 21, 2024
I probably would not recommend any of my friends because we like to go to our doctor's office and not have another agenda other than doctoring. I don't appreciate pride flags all over the office. It's a doctors office!!!! ...not a place to make statements of controversy. I have no problem with gay people (have a cousin and friend who is gay) ....I just don't like things thrown in my face. I have gone to my doctor at your clinic for probably 20 years but will now be going elsewhere where it might be just a doctors office without an agenda. With that said, I have enjoyed my provider very much.

  Mar 21, 2024
I've been coming here for almost 25 years. I love all the people here. They're all great

  Mar 21, 2024
Dr. Slack and her MA listen to my concerns respectfully. She is always thorough and shares what she is thinking. Her MA is always friendly and helpful.

  Mar 20, 2024
Dr Slack, does A thorough, friendly discussion to make sure I am up to date, and all of my health concerns are addressed.

  Mar 19, 2024
I am so grateful for the kind care and professional wisdom available from Dr Slack and the office team!

  Mar 15, 2024
Dr Slack is the absolute best.Her medical assistant, Alison, as well

  Mar 14, 2024
Everyone in this clinic is great. From the receptionist to the MA, Allison, to Dr Slack they are friendly, caring and helpful. Its always a pleasure.

  Mar 14, 2024
Dr. Slack is the perfect combination of a thorough clinician, excellent listener and just plain nice person. I feel lucky to be her patient.

  Mar 13, 2024
Thank you. Dr. Slack and Allison were very helpful and thorough. I appreciate the time they both spent with me.

  Mar 13, 2024
Dr Slack and her team are amazing. I've been seeing her for more than five years and her compassion, expertise and availability make her an exceptional PCP and I'm thankful for her.

  Mar 12, 2024
I love Dr. Slack. It took me a long time to find a Dr that makes me feel like she Actually cares about me and my health. After I had a minor ER visit she reach out to me to see how I was doing and if I need to come in for a check up. That made me feel really good and cared for.

  Mar 12, 2024
Dr. Slack is the best!

  Mar 6, 2024
There was a new desk Receptionist, she was not entirely helpful- she felt like, I should have been more attentive, to her, more accommodating, for her..,

  Mar 5, 2024
Dr. Slack strikes the perfect balance: personable and compassionate, professional and clear with her questions and recommendations. I trust she genuinely has my needs in mind, and appreciate that she still takes personal preferences into account. She did seem a little more rushed during this last appointment, though I don't feel the quality of care was compromised.

  Mar 1, 2024
Dr Slack is awesome. I love visiting with her regarding my medical concerns. She listens well and is great at explanations

  Mar 1, 2024
Dr. Slack is an excellent doctor, I'm a new patient to her, this was my 2nd time seeing her but I felt like she knew me well & knew my medical history. She's very easy to talk to and understands my issues.

  Feb 29, 2024
Dr Slack and her team members are excellent at their job. Friendly, caring and very knowledgeable. I always feel listened to and all my needs are met. They go above and beyond to provide me with the best care possible.

  Feb 28, 2024
Dr Slack REALLY listened to me, and interacted with me. Very different from prior PCP and the reason why I am establishing care with her at this time.

  Feb 23, 2024
Dr Slack is the best doctor I've ever had, she's always so thorough to my needs! Always listens to my needs!! I have a lot of issues and I can't imagine another doctor handling my needs like her! I also want to give her MA Alison a big KUDOS! She's terrific as well

  Feb 22, 2024
Excellent visit, as usual with Dr. Slack

  Feb 22, 2024
Dr. Slack: Good listener. Professional. Compassionate. Good humor. Everyone at the office was welcoming.

  Feb 22, 2024
My visit was excellent. I had difficulty filling in My Chart prior to the visit. It kept shooting me back to the beginning and froze up

  Feb 22, 2024
Dr. Slack performed the most gentle pelvic exam on me that I've ever had. Usually getting this exam is horrible for me. This time it was fine, which has never happened before. I am very grateful to Dr. Slack.

  Feb 21, 2024

  Feb 21, 2024
The Broadway Legacy Clinic is a wonderful practice!!! Everyone in there -- front desk, back office, medical assistant (Alison), and Dr. Slack -- is considerate, kind, thoughtful, patient, professional, respectful and intelligent. This is the BEST group practice I have ever experienced as a patient.

  Feb 20, 2024
Always get excellent service. My doctor cares about my health and always take whatever time is needed

  Feb 20, 2024
Request to pay for service before arriving at office was bothersome.

  Feb 7, 2024
I think Dr Slack is about the best P C P I've had she expressed concern and put effort in to get the care I need

  Feb 6, 2024
Excellent excellent excellent!

  Jan 31, 2024
Dr Slack is a great listener, communicator and medical professional. She has an amazing body of knowledge regarding all things physical, emotional and cognitive. I'm so lucky to have found her.

  Jan 26, 2024
Dr. Slack was thorough and caring. She listened to all of my concerns and did not rush. I was very impressed that she has been following my care history for a condition I have for which I see other specialists.

  Jan 26, 2024
Dr. Slack is always great and I love her MA Allison. They're both always friendly, welcoming and genuinely care.

  Jan 11, 2024
Dr Slack has listened and addressed all my concerns over these past few months. I would highly recommend her

  Dec 26, 2023
Have always received wonderful care from Dr Slack and happy I found her many years ago.

  Dec 21, 2023
Dr. Slack is a very kind and professional person. Her staff are also all very good to work with. Overall a great team.

  Dec 20, 2023
Receptionist/clerk is behind glass and monitor which inhibits voice/eye contact.

  Dec 19, 2023
Been going for years! Love Dr Slack

  Dec 14, 2023
Dr Slack knows me well, is well informed, informative, respectful and friendly. She provides excellent care and is easy to talk with.

  Dec 5, 2023
This clinic is great from the front staff to the MA to the Provider. This is a great clinic!

  Nov 30, 2023
Dr Slack is an excellent physician

  Nov 30, 2023
Dr Slack is thorough, compassionate, knowledgeable and caring. She is the best provider I have had my entire life!!

  Nov 29, 2023
Dr. Slack has been my GP for at least a dozen years. Dr. Slack is an excellent doctor and I would have no hesitation recommending her to family or friends.

  Nov 28, 2023
Outstanding office, staff and physician. Feel lucky to be one of their patients.

  Nov 28, 2023
Doctor slack is a very, very good doctor I would never change her if I had the choice. I would definitely recommend her to family and friends. She takes the time to listen and to feel how you're feeling about yourself. That's what I like about you've got to slack

  Nov 22, 2023
Appreciated getting an appointment the same day I called. The provider, though not my normal one, was great and I would be happy to see her again. I have found all the people working at this clinic to be top notch.

  Nov 14, 2023
To a person this practice is the best I have ever been blessed to be served by. Dr. Slack is beyond excellent as is everyone in the office down to the people at the front desk. Although it's not naturally much fun to have to go to the doctor, I always leave feeling so cared for, and very uplifted emotionally and spiritually. It's very commendable and unusual how the entire staff manages to be so professional and so humanly caring at the same time.

  Nov 3, 2023
Just moved out if the area but would drive 2 hours plus to see Dr Slack. She is incredible!

  Nov 1, 2023
I use Myhealth for appointments and offices contacts. I am very pleased with Broadway Medical Clinic and particularly with my PCP, Jennifer Slack, MD. Shoutout to her MA Allison; always personable and helpful.

  Oct 31, 2023
Dr. Slack, Allison and the entire staff have always been fabulous and make me feel so much better with even just stepping into their office. Doctor Slack is efficient, thorough, caring and knowledgeable plus more! I have the best doctor and team in all of the Portland area! I feel very well taken care of and supported in my aging processes!

  Oct 27, 2023
Dr slack came into the appointment having obviously read my recent medical emergency information. As always she was very personable, concerned and extremely competent.

  Oct 26, 2023
Love this clinic. Superior staff. Dr. Slack the best.

  Oct 17, 2023
Dr. Slack is very kind and understanding about my problems and she is very thorough about zooming in on exactly what needs to be fixed to make me feel better.

  Oct 13, 2023
Love Dr. Slack and her entire office.

  Oct 13, 2023
Jennifer is a great doctor!

  Oct 13, 2023
My physician and the staff are always very kind and understanding. I feel comfortable talking about my healthcare questions and needs.

  Oct 13, 2023
I feel very well taken care of. Dr Slack is a very detailed DR. Much more through then my last Dr.

  Oct 10, 2023
Jennifer Slack is an excellent, attentive, experienced, well-informed clinician. It is a pleasure to work with her and the entire staff at the Broadway Clinic.

  Oct 3, 2023
Always feel that I'm received and and treated with professionalism and kindness when I come to this clinic and see my health care team and MD

  Sep 27, 2023
Dr Slack is the best doctor I've ever had and I'm always recommending her to friends and family!

  Sep 26, 2023
Dr Slack is top notch, so lucky to have her as my doctor!

  Sep 22, 2023
Dr. Slack is always great. Also her medical assistant Allison is extremely professional and comforting.

  Sep 19, 2023
Dr Slack is a wonderful doctor. She is a good listener, very thorough in her questions and care. Her insight and and medical expertise are so spot on. She has been my doctor a long time and I highly trust her knowledge in the medical field.

  Sep 14, 2023
Dr Slack is ny Medical Rock of Gibraltar so to speak I have Bern her patient for more than ten years and followed her egen she chances clinics. She, unlike Manu doctors, has the healing touch

  Sep 14, 2023
I think a lot of Dr Slack I'm quite content with her

  Aug 22, 2023
Dr Slack took my concern seriously and was not dismissive

  Aug 15, 2023
I am delighted to have finally met Dr Slack. She blew away my expectations and I'm looking forward to partnering with her in the future.

  Aug 4, 2023
All staff were so friendly and welcoming. Josh at the front desk makes you feel so comfortable and addresses everything needed. Cathryn is very friendly, warm, and made the vitals a breeze. Dr. Slack is always a bright light in the clinic. Address all of my concerns and goes above and beyond to check out all possibilities when it comes to my health. Love Legacy Broadway

  Jul 28, 2023
Dr Slack listens carefully when I explain symptoms or concerns. She takes time to explain her approach and I'm very confident in her knowledge and skill.

  Jul 27, 2023
To a person, including physicians, assistants and all other office staff, this is the most caring and attentive practice I have ever been to. They are all very professional, and clearly work together harmoniously as an excellent team. This clinic is a model for how healthcare practices should be run.

  Jul 13, 2023
All was as expected very good care by this provider.

  Jul 12, 2023
Was more impressed with nurse practioner and nurse that took my blood pressure than the doctor.

  Jul 12, 2023
Dr. Slack is the kind of Doctor Who listens carefully and answers questions based on what you are thinking and feeling and needing to know the answers to. She is excellent.

  Jun 30, 2023
Love this office and my doctor. I feel very valued and respected here

  Jun 30, 2023
Doc was great for a first appt for a primary care provider

  Jun 27, 2023
My provider. Dr. Slack, is thoughtful, knowledgeable, a great listener, and does an excellent job of establishing rapport

  Jun 23, 2023
Dr Slack is great. She really listens and helps with understanding the big picture. She offers functional treatments and explains information clearly. The MA was great. She was able to get blood from me even though I was dehydrated and difficult to stick. I always leave my visits with Dr Slack feeling like we did something productive, which is not usually the case with my specialists. Health care "business" is pretty disgusting to me, but Dr Slack is able to provide good care even within a broken system, which I really appreciate.