Janel Guyette, MD

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Family Medicine, Board-certified


English, Interpreters available for other languages




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Year I Started Practice: 2004
Hospitals Served: Legacy Emanuel Medical Center

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Average Rating:  5.0 out of 5.0

  Oct 26, 2023
Dr Guyette is a wonderful doctor. I would like to have her as my primary care doctor.

  Oct 26, 2023
I've seen Dr Guyette for 12 years and this is by far the best clinic I've seen her at. She is a fantastic Dr and the Lake Oswego Clinic and staff is all amazing.

  Oct 23, 2023
Dr. Guyette and her team have always provided me with excellent care. I have greatly appreciated their advocacy as I have tried to navigate this broken healthcare system to get the needed surgery for my wrist. Dr. G. And her team are terrific and I am grateful that I am a patient of theirs!

  Oct 23, 2023
Dr. Guyette asked helpful questions about an upcoming surgery, inc re how pain would be addressed, and gave me instructions re protecting stomach while taking Toradol. I value her dedication to care, her broad knowledge and her willingness to share it.

  Oct 19, 2023
It was very hard to get an appt that was not 2-3 weeks out. Once I was referred to Prov Urgent Care.

  Oct 19, 2023
Very helpful response to an acute symptom. Very accommodating and kind. Dr. Guyette is the best provider I have ever had. She is professional and thorough, and remarkably kind and caring.

  Oct 16, 2023
Dr. Guyette is new to me after my previous physician (more than 20 years) left her practice. She is my husband's physician, and I'm happy she agreed to take me on.

  Oct 6, 2023
Eveyone I came across in my last visit at Legacy had attentiveness and were kind.

  Oct 3, 2023
Dr. G Is always thorough, listens carefully and acknowledges my concerns, and answers all my questions. She gets me the tests and treatment needed quickly.

  Sep 28, 2023
Doctor and nurses all helpful and attentive. Really appreciate the team at the clinic!

  Sep 25, 2023
Excellent attention to all my medical needs.

  Sep 21, 2023
Always great professional experience.

  Sep 21, 2023
Everyone was very polite and helpful.

  Sep 15, 2023
Dr. Guyette is an excellent physician. I followed her to this clinic, even though it means a long commute. She is worth it! Serena was also great.

  Sep 14, 2023
It was my first visit at this clinic and with this doctor. All in all it went well. Hoping my charge to insurance will be as I planned too.

  Sep 8, 2023
Everything was to my satisfaction

  Sep 7, 2023
Dr Guyette provides excellent care ALWAYS. She is incredibly intelligent, informed compassionate and empathic. She both listens well and takes the time & energy to address any issues I bring as well as my comprehensive care. I highly value her as a provider. Kami is a highly skilled medical assistant who can find any labs needed!

  Sep 5, 2023
Janel Guyette is a terrific doctor. I always feel well-cared-for. She listens to me, and she explains what's going on in ways I can understand. I can't emphasize enough how much I appreciate her.

  Aug 29, 2023
Everything was as it should be. It was a very positive experience.

  Aug 22, 2023
My 2 diabetic friends both said "I've never seen someone so happy after a diabetic visit!" I'd worked hard, & the day's HbA1c reflected it! But wven if it hadn't, I always look forward to seeing this provider: I feel like I'm the doctor's equivalent of "teacher's pet!"

  Aug 22, 2023
Dr. Guyette is an excellent physician. I'm so pleased to be her patient.

  Aug 21, 2023
Did not get a response to my question via My Chart regarding the prescription she ordered

  Aug 21, 2023
Dr. Guyette is outstanding.

  Aug 10, 2023
She seemed to have more time to share her vast knowledge before she was at Legacy. Now she seems hurried. Overall, it was a different experience that being pacific medical group. Felt less like my neighborhood doctor and I felt more like a number.

  Aug 1, 2023
I have a hearing problem and it's hard to hear through barriers at reception, when I was not able to hear her, she immediately ask the person that was with me the questions she wanted answered. I had informed her that I had completed the pre registration questions and had submitted them, which are the same questions she was asking?

  Jul 31, 2023
Dr Guyette is just the best. I see a lot of practitioners for several health issues very often. Dr Guyette is just the BEST. She listens to me and actually hears me. She is so sharp and knowledgeable on such a wide range of issues. She is sent from Heaven.

  Jul 31, 2023
The whole experience was wonderful.

  Jul 28, 2023
Dr Guyette is Very knowledgeable and caring.

  Jul 25, 2023
Dr Guyette is exemplary In her response to my emailed communication via MyHealth. Within less than 30 Minutes, I had a return call from her office, urging me to come into the office immediately for an Infection-preventing Penicillin shot. I am grateful to Dr Guyette and her efficient team.

  Jul 21, 2023
She is the best doctor I have ever had! Best doctor ever!

  Jul 21, 2023
I just love Dr G. She takes great care of me.. I followed Dr G. From Pacific Medical Group to Legacy.

  Jul 20, 2023
Dr Guyette is a knowledgeable and experienced physician. She has taken good care and attention to my health care.

  Jul 18, 2023
Dr Guyette is an excellent doctor & I'm very pleased to be her patient.

  Jul 17, 2023
Dr Guyette is the best!

  Jul 17, 2023
Dr Guyette has always been sensitive to my health needs.

  Jul 13, 2023
She is excellent in every way. Probably the best PMD I have ever had.

  Jul 3, 2023
Very pleasant, knowledgeable and helpful doctor and staff

  Jun 30, 2023
Scheduled per my email to the MA & Dr.Seen within 3hrs.

  Jun 22, 2023

  Jun 15, 2023
Doctor and Assistant were professional but fun to deal with!

  Jun 13, 2023
I really appreciated that the assistant drew my blood in the office. This made it so I did not have to go to an outside lab and go through that inconvenience and delay in results. They were extremely efficient in the office. Thank you.

  Jun 13, 2023
Dr. Guyette was very courteous, thorough and easy to converse with.

  Jun 9, 2023
Provider was very helpful and took the time to listen! Excellent care!

  Jun 6, 2023
My husband and I started seeing Dr. Guyette years ago when she was with a different clinic. Truly or one of the best primary care providers I've ever experienced.

  Jun 5, 2023
Dr G was very thorough with my physical and referred me ASAP to PT for a hurt shoulder. She made me feel at ease and answered my questions. I feel like she is watching out for me and my health.

  Jun 2, 2023
Always a positive experience with Dr. Guyette so much better a this office much more efficient staff.

  Jun 2, 2023
Dr. Guyette and her team are excellent. She is extremely thorough and gives me the time and medical explanations in easy to follow terms. I appreciate her experience & knowledge she brings to my care! Best PCP I've ever had!

  Jun 1, 2023
Dr. Guyette is an exceptional doctor - in numerous ways I have referred people to her and I have followed her wherever she moves for over 15 years!

  May 22, 2023
Dr Guyette is compassionate, thorough, proactive, knowledgeable land detailed. I feel very lucky to have her as my PCP.

  May 22, 2023
Very professional and high quality.

  May 19, 2023
The Dr showed concern, compassion patients and desire/commitment to get me better. I received more than expected for this appointment. I walked away with referrals to specialist, and her confirmation that she will follow up regarding the "multiple" issues I have along with the newest autoimmune disease.

  May 9, 2023
This physician was very knowledgeable of my concerns and potential health problem. She ordered all the necessary tests. Now we're waiting to see what we find.

  May 9, 2023
Very knowledgeable

  May 1, 2023
Dr. Guyette is thorough, kind, attentive, knowledgeable and overall an exceptional Doctor. I am so thankful she joined this location.

  Apr 21, 2023

  Apr 21, 2023
I love Dr Guyette I followed her to this office from her office on Greeley avenue. She is by far the best doctor I've ever had!

  Apr 14, 2023
Dr. G- and her staff are wonderful. They are efficient, knowledgable and make every patient feel cared for in the best possible manner. Simply wonderful.

  Apr 13, 2023
My provider is excellent. I am a retired nurse and feel fortunate to have her as my PMD

  Apr 11, 2023
I got to the office early and was seen early. Everyone was kind and helpful. Dr. Guyette is extremely skilled and helpful. I always feel listened to and respected. There should be more physicians like her!

  Apr 10, 2023
Nothing but a good experience!

  Apr 4, 2023
Dr. G. is great!

  Mar 31, 2023
All good. Very professional and organized!

  Mar 27, 2023
Nurse was awful. Really terse and unfriendly.

  Mar 27, 2023
Dr. Guyette is very professional and attentive to my needs.

  Mar 23, 2023
Dr. Guyette was thorough in explaining her procedures and how they would help her with my health. She explained everything better than any previous doc...seemed genuinely interested in me and my health. A positive experience all the way around. Her assistant was equally helpful.

  Mar 21, 2023
Dr Guyette listens, explains things very well & is extremely thorough.

  Mar 20, 2023
Excellent staff.

  Mar 17, 2023
One of the best interactions i've ever had with a provider. We should all be so lucky to have a PCP like her. Very grateful for the care I am receiving.

  Mar 16, 2023
Dr Guyette has been my doc for 20plus years

  Mar 2, 2023
I am thrilled that Dr. Guyette joined Legacy. I was so happy to continue services with this awesome and down to earth provider!!! She listens and offers great advice in my plan of care! I value her extra time and attention!!!

  Feb 28, 2023
Everything was so good. The only thing I'd request is that there be some system when a clinic would know I'd been there the day before and not have to ask me "if I've been out of the country, etc." I was in the clinic 3 times in one week and had to answer all these questions.

  Feb 28, 2023
Dr. Guyette is a straight-forward, concerned doctor. She truly cares about the patient. You MATTER to her. She is thrilled at patients improvements.

  Feb 28, 2023
This was initial visit with this doctor - an introduction. This was also a change in clinics. This provider was highly recommended to me by a family member.

  Feb 28, 2023
Excellent experience. She is very thorough.

  Feb 28, 2023
Good experiences on solving my medical situation.

  Feb 27, 2023
My wife will start seeing her this month on my recommendation

  Feb 21, 2023
Dr. Guyettte always listens to my concerns and provides information to my to my questions. She also is very big on preventive health and making sure I am the healthiest version of myself. I also appreciate that she asked a couple of times about my mental well being because I'm going through a stressful time with aging parents.

  Feb 9, 2023
Dr. Guyette is an excellent & caring physician. She treats our whole family of four & I recommended her to friends as well. Always pleased with the are she shows for us.

  Jan 27, 2023
Dr. Guyette is a wonderful doctor and makes you feel at ease with knowing you're getting the best of care .

  Jan 26, 2023
Dr. G is the best! Glad I could follow her to Legacy Lake Oswego.

  Jan 24, 2023
Dr. Guyette has been very good at explaining why she is proceding with my care the way she is. There's a lot to do as I age, and she seems to be very committed to getting me into better health.

  Jan 24, 2023
This was my first visit with Dr. Guyette. She made good use of my records and was very thorough. Easy to talk with.

  Jan 24, 2023
I trust Dr. Guyette implicitly and feel very lucky to have her as my primary care physician. She's kind, thorough, patient and knowledgeable.

  Jan 23, 2023
Doctor iwas very attentive to what my concerns were.

  Jan 12, 2023
It's a pleasure working with Dr. Guyette. She takes the time to listen and carefully make suggestions to address current health issues.

  Jan 12, 2023
A very positive visit Dr Guyette was my Dr. At her last clinic on N Greeley for a couple years .so when she left . I decided that I wasn't going to choose another Dr there if it were possible to find where Janel relocated and if she could fit me in . As we had developed a great Doctor-patient relationship and I'm happy to be back in her Care after being in limbo . Yes it's a 20-30 minute difference in commute but that's ok as long as I'm happy with my provider Dr Guyette has won my trust and support she's not just my Doctor but a when you visit she listen and want to hear about personal things happening in my life and she makes great observations from doing this with recommendations and referrals. She's awesome I love her as my Doctor I'm so happy I'm her patient again!!

  Jan 12, 2023
I love my doctor and have see. Her for years and have referred many people to her - she is a gem

  Jan 10, 2023
I need to find out why the provider gave me a prescription for Warfarin that was less than what I had been taking.

  Jan 10, 2023
Was a great first visit with Dr. Guyette, since she joined your practice.

  Jan 6, 2023
I came in for an annual physical a Pap smear, to discuss my thyroid disease, Hashimoto's with Dr Guyette, discuss, bloodwork, ordering and talk about my diet, exercise and health plan, and my ears which have been bothering me. Dr Guyette was extremely helpful, encouraging and on top of everything, she also remembered so much about my health. She is the best doctor I've ever seen and has so much knowledge about health and health care options. I also love that she is very knowledgeable about integrative medicine and I love the new office.

  Jan 3, 2023
Always friendly & upbeat.

  Jan 3, 2023
Dr. Guyette is a very thorough, and knowledgeable physician. She is warm & thoughtful, and very easy to communicate with I feel very fortunate to be in her care.

  Dec 30, 2022
The receptionists, medical assistant/nurse and the physician were wonderful. Dr. Guyette was very thorough and I appreciate her recommendations for me and the time she took with me.

  Dec 22, 2022
It was on a predicted icy day. Physician's bus broke down and I had a long wait. Not her fault, but I tried to abbreviate my visit so she wouldn't get too far behind. This visit was just a get acquainted with new primary care doctor.

  Dec 8, 2022
As dr Guyette is a new dr for my husband and me, we have had little experience with this office. This visit was extremely satisfying.

  Dec 6, 2022
Absolutely the best PC provider I have ever had. I would highly recommend this provider

  Dec 6, 2022
This provider went above and beyond with time, attention, and intention. She asked specific questions other providers in my past have not. She was overall excellent as well and kind and welcoming.

  Dec 5, 2022
My new doctor did a fine job. The difficulties I have with this provider is a lack of doctors in the office, which translates to difficulties getting a prompt appointment. They are understaffed.

  Dec 5, 2022
Really appreciate the time provider spent to understand my medical history and advise on necessary tests etc

  Nov 29, 2022
I was very pleased with the the time I received and the niceness and professionalism of the doctor. I am very happy she is my doctor now.