David Peter, MD

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4.9 Read all reviews

My Specialties:

Family Medicine, Board-certified

My Areas of Focus:

Skin Cancer, Skin Surgery, Sports Medicine, Allergies, Asthma, Pediatrics, Arthritis


English, Interpreters available for other languages




Legacy Health Partners

Where I see patients

Where I see patients

Legacy Medical Group-Canby

About Me:

Dr. Peter has been practicing in Oregon as a Board Certified Family Physician since 1993. He lives in Canby and is committed to the health of his community. He is focused on working with patients and motivating them to make positive lifestyle changes. Dr. Peter has received recognition for the quality care he has given his patients with diabetes. In recent years, he has received advanced training in dermoscopy skin examinations and surgery. Dr. Peter looks forward to helping all generations of the family improve their health. Special Interests: Skin abnormalities/cancer detection and surgery, Sports Medicine, Infants and Children, Allergies/Asthma, Arthritis, Healthy Aging Personal Interests: Organic gardening, photography, hiking, jazz trumpet, land and riverside restoration.

Residency: Duke University
Medical School: University of Rochester
Other: Board Certified
Year I Started Practice: 1991
Hospitals Served: Legacy Meridian Park Medical Center

Patient Rating

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Average Rating:  4.9 out of 5.0

  Aug 22, 2023
No bad only good

  Aug 10, 2023
Dr. Peter gave me a very thorough examination during this my very first visit to him. I was pleasantly surprised by this as was very different from my past experience with my previous Doctor. I was impressed with his detailed knowledge of arthritis, one of his specialties, and he took the time to explain my diagnosis using anatomical images.This being my first visit he also took the time to discuss in detail other numerous aspects of my medical history which gave me a much better understanding of my overall medical condition. He ordered a blood draw and a urine sample that were taken during my visit. He also recommended safe usage of over the counter pain medication for my hip discomfort. The entire visit was over 60 minutes. Overall I was very impressed this initial visit to my new primary care provider.

  Aug 8, 2023
All was nice

  Aug 1, 2023
Staff & Dr. Were great. First time visit, made a great first impression.

  Jul 28, 2023
All good, and I am a very fussy and demanding patient IMHO

  Jul 25, 2023
Dr. Peter is the best doctor we have had every! He takes the time and listens to you!Just the best!

  Jul 18, 2023

  Jul 17, 2023
I understood that Medicare insurance plans are limiting what care I can receive (including an 'annual physical') but Dr. Peter is doing his best to cover all the bases during semi-annual checkups. I still am concerned that some important tests may not be done because insurance rules dictate they're not allowed.

  Jul 17, 2023
Dr. Peter is excellent and thorough.

  Jul 13, 2023
My previous provider retired and it took a very long time to get a replacement but Dr. Peter spent more time and reviewed my medical history beter than I had ever experienced in the past.

  Jul 10, 2023
Excellent doctor understood my needs, listened to my needs and provided me with to improve my life. I highly recommend hem.

  Jul 10, 2023
Excellent doctor

  Jul 6, 2023
Dr. Peter is an excellent physician.

  Jun 27, 2023
Believe Dr Peter will notcome to my point of view. Would change provider if one available.

  Jun 26, 2023
Very professional, knowledgeable, courteous, considerate and friendly.

  Jun 20, 2023
Dr. Peter is Always Very Thorough, Friendly and Compassionate. I feel he is Indeed Concerned about my health and well-being!I have already recommended him to my dear friends, even my wife would like him for her provider!I am Grateful to have Dr. Peter as my Provider.Thank You

  Jun 20, 2023
He saw me right away. Felt my problem needed to be addressed with a specialist right away. His office made phone calls until they could get me in on the same day.

  Jun 19, 2023
Dr. Peter spent about an 1 1/2 hour with me.

  Jun 12, 2023
Very satisfied with the care received including concern, time, and a sence of importance doctor Peter shows me

  Jun 6, 2023
First time visit - in need of a new primary care physician. Very impressed; felt at ease and comfortable w/Dr. Peter.

  May 23, 2023
The second time I have seen this Provider. I felt he was interested in me and that he gave me clear and thoughtful advice.

  May 19, 2023
Courteous, professional, easy to converse with!!

  May 18, 2023
I have been with Legacy for years. While I did have problems and complaints early on, I have been impressed by Dr. Zimmerman, now retired, and Dr. Peter. I am confident of the health care I am receiving from Dr. Peter and would recommend him to everyone.

  May 15, 2023
The clinic was clean prompt and friendly. I thought Dr. Peter was a good listener and didn't rush through my appointment.

  May 11, 2023
Office staff was so friendly and helpful. Dr showed compassion for my situation and took the time to ask questions and explain the details of what's likely causing my pain. Ordered an MRI and helped sort out all the meds I had been prescribed by the ER and adjusted where necessary.

  May 9, 2023
They are very friendly and ready to help.

  May 9, 2023
Dr. Peter is a superb practitioner. He always refers to my past medical history an inquires whether I have questions or concerns about my health. He listens closely a gives knowledgeable answers.

  May 2, 2023
Very good

  May 2, 2023
Doctor Peter & his staff are The Best

  Apr 20, 2023

  Apr 18, 2023
I appreciate the care and kindness shown to me by Dr. Peter and his medical assistant, KerryAnn

  Apr 14, 2023
Have been seeing this Doctor for quite awhile. When I go everyone is very nice & efficient.

  Apr 13, 2023
Dr. Peter and his assistant were very thorough and never seemed to be in a rush to get me out of the office. Best service I have ever had in a doctors office.

  Apr 13, 2023
Went in for a blood draw but was ended up with a 45 minute appointment. Very pleased that they were concerned about me. Thank you!

  Apr 3, 2023
Truly fine in every way.

  Mar 30, 2023
I cannot say how good a fit Dr. Peter is to be [name removed] doctor. He has learned to be patient with [name removed] and for that, I am extremely grateful.

  Mar 27, 2023
I have the highest appreciation and confidence in this doctor and the specialists he refers me to

  Mar 24, 2023
Very good.

  Mar 21, 2023
Dr Peter is always very thorough and takes plenty of time with me each visit. He is the best!

  Mar 21, 2023
Appreciate the time the Dr. Took to take care of my concerns!

  Mar 20, 2023
This was my first visit to this clinic and Dr. Peters. I had a very good experience, he listened, was thorough, knowledgeable and helpful. I feel confident that I will be well cared for by Dr. Peters, Kerryann the nurse I saw and staff.

  Mar 20, 2023
All good professional and focused on my personal health needs

  Mar 17, 2023
Dr. Peter was very interested in my health, and great at explaining his thoughts on maintaining/improving my health.

  Mar 13, 2023
Excellent follow through. Friendly, concerned

  Mar 13, 2023
Sometimes it's difficult to hear what receptionists are saying. There is office music playing and receptionists wear masks. I and other hearing impaired people sometimes find it difficult to hear them. They are also behind glass which I understand is needed but that also is a factor in clear comunication.

  Mar 10, 2023
Wonderful doctor and clinic

  Mar 9, 2023
Dr Peter and Kerry Ann are always professional and caring. I appreciate them.

  Mar 7, 2023
Great experience with visit. I'm a new patient and this was my 1st visit with Dr Peter. He Was vey thorough; went over all meds I take He had concerns with a few meds that I take and took the time to explain them risks.

  Mar 6, 2023
Dr. Peter asks me good questions and spends enough time with me in his office to cover my health problems.

  Mar 3, 2023
Very attentive

  Mar 2, 2023
Very attentive, respectful, answered all questions I had. Excellent service!

  Feb 28, 2023
30 minutes wait time

  Feb 21, 2023
Dr. Peter is so careful to review my record. When I have concerns, he explains in a very clear way that I understand. If he thinks I need a referral, he is on it. Kerryann, Dr. Peter's medical assistant is also so conscientious, she is so good about going over doctor's notes to make sure I understand. As I have said before, they work like a fine machine. I couldn't be more thankful for the quality care my husband and I Receive at this office.

  Feb 14, 2023
It was nice to have a doctor that cared.

  Feb 13, 2023
A excellent doctor

  Feb 13, 2023
Service has always been professional and friendly

  Feb 9, 2023
I felt it was a profitable visit

  Feb 7, 2023
I think Dr. Peter is very good. He referred me to a Neurologist because he didn't have an answer.

  Feb 6, 2023
This was a first time appointment. It took a while to get it, but I am glad I waited. I enjoyed my visit with Dr. Peter. Felt listened to and his recommendations were reasonable and applicable. I am new to Legacy so provided my previous history which we discussed in detail. I am grateful.

  Feb 2, 2023
Very thorough exam. Good recommendations from Dr. Peter for improvements. Questions answered. Best of care as always.

  Jan 31, 2023
My husband is currently hospitalized with newly diagnosed leukemia and Dr. Peter was very thoughtful in talking with me about my well-being.

  Jan 30, 2023
Dr Peter always has my best interests at heart

  Jan 24, 2023
Dr. Peter spent a great deal of time with me. I am very impressed with him and the time it took him to help me with knee problems. This was the first time seeing Dr. Peter and I am so glad I am a patient of his.

  Jan 24, 2023
It was on time. Everyone was courteous and friendly. Dr. Peter kept his patience when he had trouble with the computer. I admired that.

  Jan 23, 2023
The providers have been OK everything has been wrong great team.

  Jan 20, 2023

  Jan 13, 2023
Dr. Peter and Carrie Ann took excellent care of me at my appointment.

  Jan 12, 2023
They are always good.

  Jan 10, 2023
I think Dr.Peter is a very thorough Doctor.

  Jan 6, 2023
Very thorough history and exam, excellent explanation of diagnosis and prognosis

  Dec 30, 2022
He was sharp & to the point!

  Dec 29, 2022
Dr. Peter is very acquisitive, caring, and professional.

  Dec 13, 2022
Friendly and knowledgeable staff and office. I feel confident with the doctors and comfortable with the office staff. I am VERY happy with my choice.

  Dec 5, 2022
It's a great team at this office.

  Dec 1, 2022
Good experience

  Dec 1, 2022
Dr. Peter is a good listener and knows his stuff -- I have had all sorts of questions over the years and he knows the answers -- WITHOUT having to leave the room to look at any books!

  Nov 21, 2022
I received excellent care with all my questions answered. Dr Peter is very thorough. Kind and respectful and always spends plenty of time with me. I couldn't be more pleased.

  Nov 14, 2022
I love Dr. Peter and think he and his staff are amazing, however when I have had friends who wanted to see him, they have been told that he was not accepting new patients. The other doctors that they saw in the same office do not appear(from conversations I have had with friends) to be as kind or as helpful as Dr. Peter is. I wish we could clone him so my friends could feel as good about seeing their Dr., as I do about see Dr. Peter. As a result, I will not recommend to friends and family.

  Nov 14, 2022
Brand new patient seeing Dr. Peter for the first time as my new Primary Care doctor. Excellent! He was terrific.

  Nov 14, 2022

  Nov 11, 2022
Love that Dr. He is so knowledgeable & caring. The best!

  Nov 10, 2022
The visits with Dr. Peter are always good, even if there are some concerning issues. I never feel that he is in a rush to finish the appointment. My questions are answered with his great medical acumen. Kerryann, his medical assistant, is a pleasure to interact with.

  Nov 8, 2022
First visit doctor was very helpful good visit

  Nov 3, 2022
Dr. Peter is a diligent, caring professional, who always listens, records, and educates. He is thoughtful and thorough in his diagnoses. His office staff are prompt & extremely helpful in their follow up.

  Nov 3, 2022
I got a sense that Dr. Peter had many patients on the day I was there, but he still spent time with me and I didn't feel rushed. I have much faith in his advice and recommendations.

  Oct 27, 2022
Dr. Peter cares about his patients

  Oct 21, 2022
It was a fair appt.

  Oct 20, 2022
Dr. Peter is very thorough and I have confidence that I am getting good advice.

  Oct 10, 2022
Dr Peter spent time to help me understand what was going on with my recent AFIB. Really appreciated the time he spent. He has always been an excellent doctor especially as I age. He was familiar with the treatment of the cardiologist. I credit Dr. Peter for my health and his good care and encouragement.

  Oct 6, 2022
Got lots done. Wellness check up, yearly review. Blood draw, Covid 5 and flu shots. Assistant cleaned out my ears.

  Sep 30, 2022
All good, no bad experiences

  Sep 29, 2022
I have never had a bad experience, I like them very much.

  Sep 29, 2022
Very professional