Brent Cooper, DNP, FNP

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Family Nurse Practitioner, Board-certified


English, Interpreters available for other languages




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About Me:

Brent is passionate about caring for all ages and working closely with families. He enjoys getting to know his patients and creating lasting relationships. Brent is a northwest native and lives locally with his wife, three children, and dog. Hobbies include chasing his kids around, enjoying the outdoors, gardening, playing basketball, and hiking.

Hospitals Served: Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center

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Average Rating:  5.0 out of 5.0

  Mar 6, 2024
Brent is very responsive. He spent a good amount of time making sure to listen to my concerns and address each and everyone. He is knowledgeable and professional.

  Feb 20, 2024
Brent Cooper and the staff at the Camas Legacy Medical Clinic are always consistently wonderful.

  Feb 20, 2024
Very caring and informative

  Feb 20, 2024
Doctor Brent Cooper was phenomenal makes it easy to say what I want. Great listener and very calm and had an easy going vibe to him. Heather at the front desk was also phenomenal. Made it easy to check in and was very kind even entertained a conversation with me.

  Feb 14, 2024
Excellent DR very Thorough

  Feb 12, 2024
Dr. Cooper was genuinely interested what I had to say. Very sensitive to my needs and was so empathetic that my husband, also a patient of his, had just passed away. I asked him to be my primary physician.

  Feb 9, 2024
Excellent and greatful to have my Doctor and nurse.

  Feb 7, 2024
Brent went above and beyond during this visit. He spent a longer than usual time discussing referral needs and was extremely concerned and compassionate with me. I have always been a Brent cheerleader but after this visit he surpassed all of my expectations.

  Jan 30, 2024
I appreciated the medical assistant, Lori, who helped me. She was friendly and accommodating during my time there.

  Jan 22, 2024
Provider explained in detail and easy to understand terms. Took the time to provide me with choices where it was easy to do. I feel grateful to be able to see this provider.

  Jan 10, 2024
It was all a good experience..

  Dec 12, 2023
Dr. Cooper is the best health care provider I've ever had. I feel comfortable going to the doctor whenever I'm having a health issue because I know he'll do his best to take care of it or refer me to someone who can.

  Dec 11, 2023
Seems like it's all working fine

  Dec 1, 2023
Brent Cooper listens and makes me part of my health plan. Is good about referring me for specialized needs.

  Nov 28, 2023
Brent Cooper is a great provider that actually cares about his patients and listens to them. The nurse at first was short but did warm up and was then friendly. Phone line was trouble due to I was dropped twice when it transferred me to someone off the hold line.

  Nov 21, 2023
Brent Cooper is always attentive, focused on my concerns and listens with interest. He is knowledgeable of my medications, willing to discuss alternatives. He makes mindful directions for care and applauds my improvements.

  Nov 17, 2023
In a world of complicated healthcare, I'm grateful to have found an excellent team to advocate with me for my health. I'm always impressed with the kindness and help I receive at the clinic.

  Nov 15, 2023
He was very friendly and asked good questions.

  Nov 15, 2023
He is the greatest doctor.

  Nov 15, 2023
He is the greatest doctor.

  Nov 13, 2023
Great experience with Brent Cooper. He was patient, receptive, respectful and answered all my questions. I feel I am very well taken care of by him.

  Nov 7, 2023
It was very nice that I could see any doctor BUT MY ACTUAL PRIMARY CARE PHYSICIAN. He's booked out 3 to 4 months. I feel like established patients should be able to get in to see their pcp within two weeks. Also, they took off the ability to make appointments on the MyChart app. It tells you to call! And then you're on hold forever or getting transferred around and around and sometimes hung up on. Fix the app so we can go back to using it for appointments and prescription refills. I also can no longer refill my medications on the app. It tells me to call. And then I get the same run around.

  Nov 6, 2023
I ask if I would be seeing him from now on and he said yes. Friendly. Professional. Knowledgeable. I am very happy with my health care experience!!

  Oct 31, 2023
Brent Cooper and all of the staff at the Legacy Medical Group in Camas are wonderful, outstanding, compassionate and professional. I would recommend highly to anyone seeking medical care to consider him as a provider.

  Oct 26, 2023
Have always had fantastic service!!

  Oct 23, 2023
My experience was excellent and I asked Brent Cooper if he'd be my primary care provider since I needed to find someone.

  Oct 10, 2023
I am honestly very happy with Brent Cooper's care. I speak highly of him and the other staff often to my friends and family. I have made a tremendous recovery in no small part to his help and kindness.

  Oct 10, 2023
Tried to get a appointment but told can't be more or less than 3 days. Needed appointment due to change in symptoms and increased pain. Finally given a phone appointment for the next day but had so much runaround to get it. Also tried to make a preoperative appointment for the week before surgery but was told can only make that appointment 3 days before.

  Oct 2, 2023
Brent Cooper is a rock star in the medical business

  Sep 29, 2023
I scheduled this visit 3 weeks in advance. I gave my insurance provider and group number and member ID while scheduling. After getting seen, I was told that this provider is out of my network. Now I have to pay out of pocket when they had all my information to find out if they were out of my network.

  Sep 22, 2023
Receptionist, nurse Robin and PA Brent all outstanding provided excellent care

  Sep 20, 2023
Great start and I am grateful to have a new general doctor I can see regularly.

  Sep 19, 2023
Bery. Good experience

  Sep 18, 2023
Brent takes time to listen to and clearly explains things to me. I have 100% confidence in him as my provider

  Sep 14, 2023
Brent Cooper is the most incredible Nurse Practitioner. He is incredibly REAL, he LISTENS (and he hears!) what is being expressed, and he communicates in an excellent fashion himself which is KEY to me feeling like good healthcare is being delivered. He is pleasant and is someone I've looked forward to seeing each and every time I've needed him for healthcare. Please recognize Brent and KNOW that because of his presence, people are in fact--as I did--switching to Legacy. He's THAT good. I am grateful, I am humbled. Thank you.

  Sep 11, 2023
Wait time for my appointment was forty minutes which I found unusual as I have always been seen within fifteen minutes in my past appointments with this provider. Apart from that, this was another excellent visit.

  Sep 8, 2023
This is my first PC giver that I really love. I couldn't be in better care. I trust him with my life and my will being. He is a beacon of light in an otherwise dark world of Healthcare workers. I'm grateful, so grateful, for Brent Cooper.He listens to me and knows how much I struggle with my health. My mental health has been poor lately and he is there for me. I hope be never leaves me.

  Sep 5, 2023
This was the first time,I saw Dr Brent Cooper. Dr Cooper was outstanding

  Aug 30, 2023
Brent Cooper was made for this job. You can tell he genuinely cares for his patients. I appreciate him and his help with my medical care.

  Aug 29, 2023
All good very thorough

  Aug 29, 2023
I always receive better care then I would expect.

  Aug 28, 2023
I have been seeing Brent Cooper for awhile now, I drive a long distance just to see him. He is very friendly and helpful, always willing to listen and talk with me regarding my care and concerns. He values my opinion and cares about my health.

  Aug 28, 2023
It was my first visit. He spent a lot of time with me. Very thorough. I liked him a lot

  Aug 15, 2023
Good place for doctors visit

  Aug 14, 2023
Good listener, and smart

  Aug 14, 2023
It was a good visit that went well.

  Aug 8, 2023
Brent Cooper always does a great job. Sometimes he relies on his medical assistants to answer questions without consulting with him.

  Jul 28, 2023
Brent has always provided me with first class medical care. I appreciate his knowledge and demeanor very much.

  Jul 14, 2023
Easy and convenient.

  Jun 30, 2023
My appointment was very timely. My doctor explained everything to me very simply. My doctor answered all my questions that I had fully I came away way feeling I was taking very good care of.

  Jun 27, 2023
Brent is always friendly, super easy to talk to, knowledgeable, and above all, he LISTENS. He's one of the friendliest, kind hearted doctors I've had.

  Jun 27, 2023
Brent is a very thourough provider. He takes the necessary time to make you feel heard. He explains any concerns that his patients have to feel comfortable with the treatment plan. Brent is not someone who just prescribes medication if it is needed. I trust him with my health, and know that he has my best interest at heart. I admire this trait and want to contunue under his care for as long as humanly possible!

  Jun 12, 2023
Brent and his nursing assistant are always professional and courteous as well as the front office staff.

  Jun 8, 2023
The staff in general is excellent, top notch. The staff at the front along with the MA are kind and thoughtful. Brent was patient, lighthearted, and compassionate. This was my first visit establishing care after losing my PCP of several years. He turned what was an emotional experience into a positive one. The relief of knowing I was in good hands is indescribable and so appreciated. What an outstanding team and clinic.

  Jun 2, 2023
Always been the absolute best.

  May 31, 2023
Always courteous & respectful.

  May 12, 2023
Your a friendly family care place

  May 8, 2023
I am ASTOUNDED by the quality of the care I get from Brent Cooper. He is absolutely a gem and I hope that Legacy realizes this; he's compassionate, real and warm----he is also all about business and knowledgably handles everything asked of him and I can see that much comes from his HEAD but he is also happy to use electronic means to confirm/ensure/facilitate actions and accuracy---- Mostly though, the man is REAL and at this point in my life, I appreciate that so much I don't have proper words to convey my gratitude to Brent nor properly to Legacy so you KNOW what a resource you have in Brent Cooper. Please thank him in a meaningful way for me so that he KNOWS he is appreciated. I've tried to tell him but it would be powerful if you conveyed that to him. Thank you--to Brent--and to Legacy.

  May 5, 2023
Brent Cooper is a proactive provider; he listens and hears whatever my issues are. We work together to insure that we are covering all the bases regarding my care. He obviously believes in team work between provider and patient. In my case we work very well together.