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eDocTalk article

Inside the Kaiser partnership with Legacy Salmon Creek

November 2013

Months of preparation at Legacy Salmon Creek, including the addition of 170 new members of the medical staff, culminated in a successful start of the hospital’s new partnership with Kaiser Permanente.

On Oct. 1, Legacy Salmon Creek became the new partner hospital for Kaiser’s 100,000 members in Clark County.

Chris Thoming, M.D., is president-elect of Legacy Salmon Creek’s medical staff and a physician with Northwest Acute Care Specialists. He sees substantial benefit in the new partnership. "The addition of the Kaiser Permanente physicians to our medical staff will enhance our overall capabilities. They bring a wealth of expertise and experience with integrated care to Legacy. We can only benefit from this new partnership."

Of course, the 100,000 Kaiser plan members won’t visit the hospital all at once, but projections were that the average daily census would increase by approximately 30 patients (to approximately 135). And Emergency Department visits would increase by 8,000 per year.

Preparing for this influx of new patients involved:

  • Orienting and training the 170 Kaiser physicians, including granting privileges to the new physicians and creating a custom Epic training program. Leaders from Legacy Salmon Creek’s medical executive committee and administration met with nearly every new medical staff member and oriented them to the high-performing culture at LSC.
  • Completing a $7 million renovation. This encompassed a complete overhaul of the west wing of the fourth floor to establish a new labor unit, new triage space in the Emergency Department, added call rooms and a third C-section operating room, as well as opening a brand new unit — the Intermediate Medical Care Unit.
  • Reviewing more than 2,600 applicants for the 160 positions that the hospital opened to expand its capacity. "Many of the staff have been interviewing day and night for months to select the best people to add to the Salmon Creek team," said Jonathan Avery, LSC chief administrative officer. "It is clear the new team members bring tons of experience and are very enthusiastic about joining Legacy Salmon Creek."

This partnership with Kaiser is just one of many examples of ways in which Legacy is identifying new opportunities to transform care.

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