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eDocTalk article

Our winter trifecta: new partnership, ICD-10 training, mobile technology

October 2013

Lewis Low, M.D.

Have you noticed how Halloween has turned into a major holiday? I first saw store promotions for it in August! Retailers have become increasingly more effective at “selling” the major holidays, beginning with Halloween. They seem to be using it to gear up for the coming winter trifecta — Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s.

Here at Legacy, we’re gearing up for a kickoff of our own.

With a medical staff of about 2,600 providers, I struggle with how to effectively and consistently get the word out to all of you about important ideas and initiatives. This space is one way to do that, but it’s really about more than just pushing information out.

I want to make you aware of new activities and also encourage you to help spread the word to your colleagues. I want people to start talking and planning around what Legacy is doing and to think about how they can all get involved. We need to build a collective buzz, so that we can work together to move us all forward. A buzz, not unlike what the retail industry does in getting you to buy into the holiday.

Creating some buzz

Here is what Legacy is trying to build excitement around.

  • Our Legacy Health Partners advisory group is meeting to advise us on this new physician partnership arrangement.
  • Legacy is preparing for both ICD-10 and an Epic upgrade next April and you can find out about registering for your training in this issue.
  • We are continuing work on mobile technology and also on a more robust physician portal (I hope to have more for you on both of these in the coming months).

I want to call your attention to a couple of other items in this edition that I think will be of particular interest.

In August, I mentioned here that Legacy’s board of directors had endorsed a proposed refinement of our strategic plan that we believe will help us achieve true health care transformation. We are currently in the process of widely sharing that plan across the organization in various forums, including with each hospital’s medical executive committee. In this issue, you’ll find a link to a video about Legacy’s new strategic direction. I encourage you to check it out.

After gathering questions from several of you for Dr. George Brown, Legacy’s president and CEO, we posed a few of them to him and have his answers to share with you.

And we have something "new for you" -- a free UpToDate subscription complements of Legacy for active medical staff that log into Epic Hyperspace.

Are you going out for Halloween? I don’t have a costume in mind at the moment, although I still put on the coat of an intensivist (does that count as a costume?). On Halloween night, I will probably be attempting to give healthful treats to our trick-or-treaters while watching the Thursday night college football game on ESPN. Our family has already started talking about what we will do for Thanksgiving and Christmas. That said, I would like to create a buzz around Legacy’s initiatives that has us all plan for what we will do in support of them. As always, I look forward to and encourage your emails with any questions, concerns or ideas.


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