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eDocTalk article

The top football programs adapt and change to stay on top

September 2013

Lewis Low, M.D.

Try as I may, when I look at the upcoming football schedule of my beloved Cal Bears, I cannot find six wins. They have a ways to go before being able to join the ranks of the bowl perennials in the Pac-12, including Oregon State and Oregon.

Top teams like the Ducks, USC and Stanford offer an informative lesson. To stay on top they are constantly changing and adapting. They remake and adjust themselves with up-tempo offenses, lighter and quicker defenses, a running-game emphasis if they have the talent. Whatever it takes to stay current and to stay one step ahead of the competition.

The last couple of years have been the best in quite some time here at Legacy Health. By a variety of measures –– quality, value, financials –– we are doing well. Yet, we know that we have to continually up our game, particularly in our rapidly changing health care environment.

Last month I outlined some of the things Legacy will be doing in the coming months to stay in the top tier. These included partnering with independent physicians around quality, cost, service and payer opportunities; expanding network payer and employer relationships; and further integrating our care management program.

This month we carry information about another example, our health information exchange offerings. We are actively adapting in order to stay ahead.

Change, especially at this pace, can be disorienting. It might look like churn or even indecision as we undertake a variety of initiatives. What you really are seeing (and feeling) is a drive to stay one step ahead. To transform so that we can continue to lead and win.

As I meet with you and read your emails, I get the sense that some of you might prefer to stay the course. Why change something that is working? While it is reassuring to know that our organization is strong, we also know that modern health care needs to change. That’s why Legacy’s leaders are looking forward. I invite and encourage you to join us as we embrace the future along with the change and challenges it offers.

The California Golden Bears won’t make it to the Rose Bowl this year. But I’m looking ahead. Five wins this season, then maybe six or seven the next. In a few years I could be spending New Year’s Day in Pasadena. Go Bears!


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