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eDocTalk article

Transforming care: From words to action

August 2013

Lewis Low, M.D.

Care transformation. How many words have been written on the subject? How many meetings and conferences and seminars and, well, how much talk? A lot. And much of it here at Legacy.

I’m excited to tell you that the talk is now yielding consensus on specific tactics to move us to action. A few weeks ago the Legacy Health Board of Directors endorsed a proposal that we will now flesh out and start to implement with your input. While some of the tactics are a continuation of strategies already in place, others are bold steps toward true transformation.

For example, we are working on a plan for Legacy

  • to develop a vehicle to partner with independent physicians around quality, cost, service and payer opportunities.

We are forming a work group of independent and LMG physicians on this, and expect to have Legacy Health Partners up and running before the end of the calendar year.

Legacy is also looking

  • to expand network payer and employer relationships,
  • to expand and further integrate our care management program, and
  • to accelerate primary care, including outpatient mental health and geriatric services.

We just announced a relationship with Regence and are in discussions with other payers, as well as with employers on shared accountability for the outcomes of defined populations. This is important new territory for us.

I’ve written about partnerships and dialogue in the past, and I believe we have been open and creative in our approaches to working with you, our physician partners. Time, though, to step it up.

Members of our senior leadership team and I will be meeting with our medical executive committees to gather input on these strategies and tactics, and I look forward to working with many of you on the specific initiatives.

Ask George a question

And you can make your views known as well. Two ways: you can email me and/or you can pose a question to Dr. George Brown, Legacy CEO, about our care transformation actions and how they might impact you. I’ve asked George to review your questions and to respond in an upcoming eDocTalk edition.

As food for thought, here are a few more areas Legacy is looking to pursue:

  • driving to evidence-based standards and processes
  • optimizing our service mix and
  • transitioning focus from patient experience to patient engagement.

Send your Legacy transformation questions to QuestionForGeorge@lhs.org, an email box we’ve set up temporarily to collect your inquiries.


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