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eDocTalk article

Legacy Cancer Institute upgrades radiation oncology equipment

June 2013

Legacy’s radiation oncology centers at Legacy Good Samaritan, Legacy Mount Hood and Legacy Salmon Creek medical centers have significantly advanced their cancer care capabilities. They acquired three of the latest generation Elekta Infinity linear accelerators and the Elekta Gamma Knife Perfexion — the gold standard for non-surgical treatment of brain metastases and other brain conditions.

About the linear accelerators

The linear accelerators deliver radiation more precisely than the previous equipment. This means smaller cancers can be treated more precisely and intensely with specialized therapies such as Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT), which is now available at Legacy Salmon Creek and Legacy Mount Hood medical centers in addition to Legacy Good Samaritan.

Across the system, planned redundancy protects patients. All three machines are precisely matched so if something were to cause one to go down, patients could be transported to another Legacy radiation oncology center without disrupting their care.

About the Gamma Knife Perfexion

Legacy Good Samaritan has replaced its Novalis system with the Gamma Knife Perfexion, the radiation treatment of choice for benign and malignant brain tumors, vascular malformations and other brain conditions. Radiation oncologist Andy Kee, M.D., and neurosurgeon Jeff Chen, M.D., are the physician leaders of the new Gamma Knife program, which will be fine-tuning operations and processes through June.

"The new radiation oncology equipment is the latest example of how Legacy continues to invest in our nationally recognized cancer program," said Nathalie Johnson, M.D., medical director of Legacy Cancer Institute. "But the equipment is not the entire story. Our physicians and support staff bring not only expertise, but also a personalized approach to patient care that results in better outcomes and higher patient satisfaction."

OHSU Knight-Legacy Health Cancer Collaborative

Legacy’s radiation oncology services are part of the new OHSU Knight-Legacy Health Cancer Collaborative, a joint operating agreement covering adult medical and radiation oncology services.

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