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eDocTalk article

New for you: <BR>Streamlined medication lists in Epic

March 2013

A joint project to optimize medication ordering in Epic is yielding results for physicians and providers.

In December 2012 Legacy Pharmacy, Informatics and Information Services came together in a joint project focused on Medication Order Optimization (MOO) with the goal to simplify medication order entry for physicians and providers.

Initial targets for the Medication Order Optimization project: 

  • Streamlining the product options on the site facility lists
  • Making greater use of medication orderables built with “intelligent medication selection” (IMS) functionality 
  • Updating virtual department preference lists


The facility list work has been completed for all five Legacy facilities (note: Legacy Emanuel Medical Center and Randall Children’s Hospital share the same list).

IMS = better structure

Intelligent medication selection presents one comprehensive drug order option that automatically selects the correct product—without you actually choosing it—based on rules around age, weight and dose. The physician just chooses the drug without having to choose specifically whether the drug should be dispensed as a syringe, piggyback, large volume, etc.

IMS also replaces multiple product options on medication lists making the lists more streamlined, and easier for physicians to find what they need on these lists. Several new IMS orderables—such as IV potassium chloride and IV antibiotics—will make it onto facility lists, preference lists and order sets by the end of March.

Display names and/or synonyms for intravenous fluids, electrolytes and morphine will also be updated to make it easier to find specific products quickly.

Watch for tip sheets

Tip sheets will be posted to alert physicians and providers to the updates as they are introduced.

The focused work of the Medication Order Optimization project team will end March 31. Data will be collected a few months after the updates are implemented to assess whether the changes had a positive impact on the order entry process for physicians and providers. If you have any questions or comments for the project team, please contact Amy Chaumeton, M.D., chief medical information officer.

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