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eDocTalk article

Would you use an app for that?

February 2013

Lewis Low, M.D.

About a year ago I started using an iPhone. Before I got it, I was convinced that I really didn’t need it. I had a phone, I texted. I thought I was happy.

Today, my wife thinks I’m married to my iPhone. (Note to self: Valentine’s Day is this week.)

It’s trite to say it, but technology is changing everything. Especially the speed at which we all function. Immediacy is everything.

Legacy is working to stay up with what physicians need. Our free MobileMed application for iPhone, iPad and Android is just one example. Until now it’s been used primarily for Legacy Laboratory Services information.

Vote for MobileMed functionality and win a gift card

This year we’re looking at other functionality for MobileMed. Proposed options include a Legacy One Call Consult & Transfer "easy button" app, the ability to access an interactive LMG physician directory, and an app for getting timely Legacy news and important alerts.

We want your vote on which apps to include.

This month’s "one question"  is your chance to rank the apps we are thinking about and to add others to the list. To thank you, you will be entered into a drawing for a $50 Amazon gift card.

More point-of-care tools

There is news in this eDocTalk edition about new and more accessible online point-of-care decision-making tools. By giving you electronic tools in the immediate proximity of where you treat patients, Legacy is helping you provide the best patient care possible.

Cutting-edge technologies

Legacy Research Institute (LRI) brings the most advanced health care treatment modalities and cutting-edge technologies quickly on-line, where they can be applied for the benefit of our patients and community. If you are not familiar with LRI, I encourage you to read Dr. Ashley Wackym’s article.

We all use mobile devices

I am certainly not alone in my iPhone passion. According to a "Point of Care Computing for Physicians" report  by Spyglass Consulting Group, 98 percent of physicians interviewed have embraced mobile computing devices to support their personal and professional workflows.

More than 800 of you are reading our monthly eDocTalk electronic newsletters and about half of you open your eDocTalk email with Android, an iPhone or an iPad.

As technology changes, and as we each adopt new technologies, Legacy wants to do more, too. We want to support you and your needs. Of course, it is always a balance among needs and wants, limited support resources, security, and patient privacy. But we are taking steps. Help us out. Take our MobileMed survey and tell us which new apps you would use. You might even win 50 bucks!  


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