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eDocTalk article

2012 Provider opinion survey <br>delivers meaningful results

November 2012

You’ve spoken and we’re listening. Physician alignment is a strategic priority for Legacy Health and is essential as we move forward with the transformation of care. 

Thanks to the record 39 percent of Legacy providers who responded to the survey (administered by Morehead Associates last summer), we have meaningful results about provider satisfaction at Legacy. Based on suggestions made in the comments portion of the survey, as well as during initial conversations with providers about survey results, we also have some initial ideas about how we can address some of the issues.

Decline in engagement with leadership

As has been the case for the last several years, survey results show that providers at Legacy remain significantly more engaged than other providers around the country. While this news is good, the survey results also show a decline in provider engagement at Legacy over the last two years. This is specifically the case with providers’ relationships and communication with Legacy leadership, both at the hospital and system level.

Overall results

Overall the Legacy physician engagement item score of 4.28 is 3 percent above Morehead’s national physician engagement average, but slightly lower than our 2010 overall Legacy engagement score of 4.33.

Many items are significantly above Morehead’s national benchmark average. The results demonstrate overall improvement in several areas:

  • Timeliness and accuracy of results and/or key information from Radiology Services and overall performance of radiologists
  • Satisfaction with clinical information systems
  • Appearance and cleanliness of patient care areas
  • Availability of supplies and equipment, as well as the utilization of rooms within Surgical Services

Other areas of strength across the system include satisfaction with the overall performance of laboratory and radiology services and the effort made by the organization to deliver safe, error-free care.

Across the entire Legacy system, we had some of the highest scoring items in the entire country for physician relationships with nurses, specifically, the nurses’ commitment to care, responsiveness, communication, teamwork and expertise.

Down from 2010

Several items decreased significantly since the 2010 survey. Specifically,

  • Items related to confidence in leadership at the hospital and system level
  • Responsiveness of hospital administration
  • Ease with which ideas and/or concerns can be provided to hospital administration
  • Confidence that the hospital will be successful in the coming years

Next steps

Consultants from Morehead Associates presented the results to Legacy system and hospital leadership teams at the end of September.

Hospital leaders have begun rolling out the results in various physician forums, including Medical Executive Committee meetings and general medical staff meetings.

In response to survey themes that emerged as areas of opportunity, Legacy’s senior leaders have identified two areas of focus. They are aimed at increasing physician engagement:

  • Participation in decision-making processes that directly impact physicians and
  • Communication and responsiveness to issues that matter to physicians.

With these areas of focus as a framework, hospital administrators are in the process of developing their action plans.

We are eager to work with you to address the results in a meaningful manner. If you are interested in participating in your site’s action planning process, we encourage you to contact your hospital administrator.

A summary of the overall Legacy results is available in this Executive Overview. If you have questions about the survey results or would like copies of results specific to the hospital where you practice, please contact Jenny Robinson at 503-415-5328.

Thank you for taking the time to participate in the survey this year. We’ve heard your concerns and are committed to working with you to address them. Stronger alignment with physicians is a critical priority for Legacy. Please feel free to contact Lewis Low, M.D., Legacy’s chief medical officer at 503-415-5330 with any questions or comments related to this year’s survey results or action planning process.

We look forward to continuing this dialogue with you.