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About the program

Congratulations on your job offer with Legacy Health! The information below will guide you through the final pre-employment steps and prepare you for your orientation day. Please begin working on these steps right away, space is limited and onboarding appointments are available on a first-come basis.

The onboarding process

Onboarding consists of five steps which must be completed prior to your orientation / start date. You will be required to print out, read, and sign paperwork or follow specific directions. Do not begin this packet until you have officially been extended a job offer by a Legacy Recruiter.

Step 1: Schedule an Onboarding Appointment

Use the Full Slate site to schedule an onboarding appointment before your orientation / start date. Please select an appointment time as soon as possible. The ideal timing for the onboarding appointment is within one week of your hire date. If you are unable to find an onboarding appointment please contact your recruiter for assistance.

Step 2: Pre-employment Drug Screening

Print the Pre-Employment Drug Screening form and follow the directions. Please note: this step must be completed within 48 hours of your employment offer and before your onboarding appointment.
  • It is the policy of Legacy Health to maintain a workplace that is free from the effects of drug and alcohol abuse.
  • Legacy Health complies with the federal Controlled Substances Act and prohibits the use of marijuana along with other controlled substances.
  • Any applicant who refuses to consent to alcohol and/or drug screening, tampers with a sample or otherwise subverts the testing process, tests positive or otherwise fails to cooperate with the MRO (Medical Review Officer) or comply with any provision of Legacy Health’s Alcohol & Drug-Free Workplace policy may be subject to withdrawal of employment offer. Tampering includes any alteration or substitution of urine including dilution or presence of any agents which may mask the presence of drugs.

Pre-Employment Screening Procedures

1.  All applicants who receive a conditional job offer for any position must pass a pre-employment drug screen in order to obtain employment at Legacy. Applicants who refuse drug screening will not be hired.

  • Applicants will be referred by Legacy Employment Services for scheduling a drug test.
  • The pre-employment drug test must occur within 48 hours of acceptance of the job offer. If needed, exceptions will be made for out of town candidates. Candidates who do not comply will not be hired and will be subject to the same terms as a positive drug test. 
  • If a specimen is dilute, the applicant will be instructed to limit fluids and be allowed to provide one additional specimen within 24 hours. Only one retake will be allowed for dilute specimens. If the applicant has a medical condition that may contribute to or cause a dilute specimen, he/she should discuss that information with the Medical Review Officer (MRO). 
  • If a specimen is identified as invalid for any reason, the applicant must provide an additional specimen within 8 hours of notification by Legacy. Legacy Human Resources will contact the applicant and request an immediate return call. The additional specimen must be an observed collection by authorized personnel of the same gender. If the candidate does not return the call in a timely manner and/or complete the second test within the designated time period, the candidate will not be hired and will be subject to the same terms as if the result had been a positive drug test.  
  • Screening results will be sent to the designated contact person (Employee Health Nurse).  

2. The applicant’s start date for the position is contingent on the negative results of the drug screen.

3. Human Resources will notify the applicant of results that do not meet the criteria of Legacy’s policy.  When a licensed applicant tests positive on a drug screen, Legacy will also notify the appropriate licensing board in accordance with the applicable law.  

4. There will be no opportunities for a repeat drug screen if an applicant tests positive.

5. Applicants who test positive, have a second dilute specimen absent medical justification, or who do not comply with the 48 hour testing requirement will not be hired and may not reapply for one year within Legacy Health.

Step 3: Gather Health Records

During your onboarding appointment, the Employee Health nurse will go over the immunity requirements and provide any vaccinations and/or titers needed. Use the Medical Release Authorization form to request any vaccination and/or blood titer records from your provider or previous employer. Healthcare personnel are required to have:

  • Proof of  two Varicella shots —or— lab titers for Varicella
  • Proof of two MMR shots —or— lab titers for Rubella & Rubeola, & Mumps
  • Proof of three Hepatitis B shots —or— lab titers with 10< lab value
  • Attestation of one Tdap shot for tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis
  • (If applicable) documentation of past TB tests, TB treatments, or X-ray results
  • (If applicable) documentation of disability status or Preferred Worker status
  • (If applicable) documentation of physical restrictions or medical clearance letters

Step 4: Gather Employment Records

The following documents are examples of those accepted to establish identity and employment eligibility. Bring at least one of the following or other required document(s) as identified on the Employment Eligibility Verification form to your Onboarding Appointment:
  • United States Passport
  • Foreign Passport with I-94  -OR-  Permanent Resident Card
  • US Driver License or State ID card  -AND-  original government Birth Certificate 
  • US Driver License or State ID card  -AND-  original Social Security card
  • (If applicable) Healthcare staff require a current American Heart Association (AHA) BLS certification.
  • *PLEASE NOTE: If BLS is required in the job description of your new position with Legacy, it must be issued by the AHA. No other BLS certification will be accepted and you must ensure your card is not expired.
  • Please use the link below to register fora healthcare provider class on the American Heart Association (AHA) website. You can find a class by zip code.
  • Search BLS for Healthcare providers. Please make sure that you register for a class that includes a skills demonstration portion.

***You must have this current certification before you begin your employment, IF your job description requires it. If you don’t have it by your start date, your date of hire will be delayed. 

Step 5: Attend Onboarding Appointment

Bring to your Onboarding Appointment:

All applicants must print, complete and bring:

New hires must bring documents from Steps 3 and 4
New hires requesting direct deposit paychecks must print and complete Automatic Payroll Deposit form
New hires requesting a parking permit must print and complete Parking Registration form
New hires must print and complete Self-Identification for Protected Veterans form.

Applicants are encouraged to review the health insurance information provided on Health Insurance Marketplace document.

General Requirements for All Job Titles:
Essential physical job functions of all positions at Legacy Health require the ability to move about the work area in a safe manner, bend and reach throughout the work day. Ability to lift, carry, push, pull 20 pounds and adequate sensory functions of sight, smell, hearing and manual dexterity are also required.   

Additional Requirements for Certain Job Titles:
Some job duties have additional essential physical job functions due to the specific tasks performed.  Persons in these job categories require the ability to perform all General Requirements in addition to those Additional Requirements listed on this document.  Search by using the job code listed on the job announcement or ask your Recruiter to provide you the job code or job title.

In accordance with the ADA, reasonable accommodations are permitted and all requests will be considered. Please notify Employee Health prior to your first day of work if you feel you may need accommodations to perform any of these essential functions or if you have any other medical circumstances that you feel Legacy should consider.

Where to call for support

Please contact your Recruiter or the Employment Desk at 503-415-5405 with any questions specific to your new position, including:

  • Pay & job title questions
  • Start date & orientation
  • Licensure & background checks
  • CPR/BLS, ACLS, & PALS certification

Please email Employee Health or call us at 503-415-5306 with any questions regarding to the health assessment portion of your Onboarding process, including:

  • Onboarding appointment
  • Vaccines & lab titers
  • Drug & alcohol screening
  • Accommodations or medical issues
We look forward to working with you!